This Inspiring Summer Camp Encourages Kids to Reach for the Stars

ARCH Education have created an exciting space-themed summer camp that will blast kids' learning and confidence to the next level! Discover how your child could benefit from this unique summer camp experience.

30 Apr 2019 — By Melanie Grosjean / Education / Family
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‘Reach for the Stars’ with ARCH Education’s INSPIRE Summer Camp Program

ARCH Education is inspiring Hong Kong students ages 8-11 to ‘Reach for the Stars’ with their outstanding 8-day residential summer camp program. Students will have the opportunity to experience boarding school independence and community spirit, while learning and playing right in the convenience of their home city. This year’s camp: INSPIRE 2019 ‘Reach for the Stars’ celebrates space, exploration, and invention in a fun-filled and engaging environment.

ARCH Education Inspire summer camp

The INSPIRE summer camp will be taught by exceptional educators from elite top boarding schools in the US and the UK. Young learners will explore a carefully designed, multi-disciplinary curriculum designed to engage students in celestial study, not only through the lens of the telescope, but through the eyes of historians, explorers and authors.

Students will learn how past civilisations viewed the skies and how Copernicus triggered a revolution with his claim that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe. Kids’ critical thinking and creativity will be sparked as they examine the ideas of fact and fiction as they read the genre and then author their own own science fiction story. Since technology has been so vital to the exploration of space, there will be plenty of techie elements to the camp as well. Students will program their own Arduinos and explore space just like real astronauts.

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Camp activities will include elements of STEM, History, English and Literature as well as unique opportunities to get active with sports training led by world-class golf and tennis coaches. INSPIRE is sure to be an unforgettable and valuable experience for your children. Places are limited, so please contact Arch Education today to make sure your kids don’t miss out on this exciting and educational adventure!


Summer Camp Details: INSPIRE 2019 ‘Reach for the Stars’

Ages:          8-11
Date:          1-8 August 2019
Where:      Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
Fee:            $49,000, Website for booking
Enquiry:  +852 3568 0406[email protected]




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