Art Central 2019

Art Central is coming to the Central Harbourfront soon, here's what to expect at this event.

11 Mar 2019 — By Catherine Stewart / What's On
Art Central

Art Central returns to Hong Kong for the 5th time from 27-31 March with an inspiring event showcasing the best in contemporary art.

Art Central is a relaxed affair, where visitors can experience the creativity of Hong Kong and Asia’s contemporary art scene, set against the iconic background of the Central Harbourfront. From committed art-lovers through to art novices and children, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Art Central.


browsing the galleries at Art Central

At Art Central you can wander to your heart’s content and browse 107 exciting art galleries from 22 countries (including several from right here in HK). The attending galleries are listed on the Art Central website here.


One of the fair’s highlights will be PROJECTS, a series of thought-provoking, large scale installations situated around Art Central, curated by Ying Kwok.  2019 PROJECTS presents six cutting-edge installations featuring Angela Yuen (Hong Kong), Cheuk Wing Nam (Hong Kong), Heri Dono (Indonesia), Le Giang (Vietnam), Phunk (Singapore), and Seungean Cha (Korea).

Angela Yuen, City Rhapsody

City Rhapsody – Project Roseate, by Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen

We’re particularly excited to see City Rhapsody – Project Roseate, by Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen. This imaginary skyline is made from locally sourced manufacturing objects, each marking a significant era from Hong Kong’s manufacturing past in the 1950s and 60s. Using plastic toys, she has constructed a series of “dreamscapes” – a fantasy homeland that people from that time may have visualised.


The 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Sydney) returns in 2019 with a curated performance programme featuring four interactive and live works.  You can expect your visit to Art Central to be punctuated by thought provoking on-site performances from Bettina Fung  (Hong Kong/United Kingdom), Brian Fuat (Australia), Minja Gu (Korea) and Siu Lan Ko (Hong Kong/ Canada).

Highlights include Korean artist Minja Gu’s quirky restaurant-cum-exhibition-cum-relational aesthetics project, where she adopts the persona of a cooking infomercial personality, using the ubiquitous two-minute noodle packet as a tool to prompt conversational exchange about food culture and societal pressure to conform.

Bettina Fung, I am tired (aftermarth)

Bettina Fung – I am tired with you

Hong Kong born British-Chinese artist Bettina Fung will present ‘I am tired with you’. The performance begins with a plate filled with heavy-duty pigment before layering a piece of paper on top. As the paper adheres to the paint, members of the audience are invited to play the role of the printing press by writing, walking and conversing about a contemporary culture of busyness, sharing their reflections on fatigue and labour relations, while simultaneously contemplating possibilities of “non-doing”. Each of these audience interventions forms a palimpsest of mark making on the painted surface, creating a collective mind map of the audiences’ thoughts on the subject.


Art Central remains the best place to eat during Hong Kong Art Week, with a range of dining options from Hong Kong’s best eateries. Head to the ‘The Terrace’ for casual, al fresco eating, featuring popups from Beef & Liberty, Bread & Beast, Brickhouse, Samsen and XTC Gelato

For a more fine dining experience, try Scarpetta by chef Daniele Sperindio, a bespoke pop-up restaurant created specially for Art Central.


When: first night, 26 March; general opening 27 – 31 March

Where: Central Harbourfront event space

Tickets: from $230 Ticketflap


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