Stay healthy in this demanding city and find doctors, sports and experts in all things health and fitness.

Physiobaby is a specialist paediatric physiotherapy service for babies and children. Professional help is provided by Helen Binge a British Chartered Physiotherapist and developmental specialist, with over 30 years experience. Helen also does home visits on HK island.  
The three day Punch Detox is the perfect way to kick start the system and help set up a healthy and clean eating lifestyle.  The plan will ensure you load your body up with nutrients, while flushing out toxins to leave you feeling lighter, less sluggish and full of energy.  Once you’ve ordered your juices, …
Healthy and tasty beverages loaded with superfoods to help you feel your best.  Pure Swell juices are unpasteurized & glass bottled for maximum health benefits, and are dairy, soy, and gluten free.
Highly trained speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists specialising in children.
Full dental services including children’s dentistry, cosmetic and implants. Dr Sandra Hulac is particularly good with children.
A training space offering movement training and personal development in a supportive, progressive and creative setting. Trybe offers classes strength training and conditioning, gymnastics for all ages, tumbling, rings, circus training, acrobatics, obstacle race training and much more. They are conveniently located right off of the new South Island Wong Chuk Hang MTR. The full …