Dr Sun Yat-sen made it his life’s work to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and establish the Republic of China.  The museum gives a comprehensive overview of his life and career of and Hong Kong’s vital role in the reform movements and revolutionary activities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
A former fire ship that has been restored and now stands on dry land in Quarry Bay Park.  Kids will love exploring the boat and the views across to Kowloon are fantastic. Closed on Tuesdays except public holidays.
Housed in a colonial building dating back to 1840 and in the grounds of Hong Kong Park, this museum specialises in the collection, study and display of tea ware.  Worth a visit to have a look at both the building as well as the collection.  
Photography, calligraphy and art collections.
The city’s first children’s museum, the Children’s Discovery Museum welcomes children ages 10 and under to explore, create and express themselves through play. Some days are open schedule where you can visit at any time, and other days there are fixed session times with a set number of tickets, designed to help prevent overcrowding. The …
Shows prison life from the time of punishment to the current philosophy of rehabilitation.  Take the children and see cells, stocks and gallows and that a life of crime definitely doesn’t pay! Closed on Mondays.
This Museum details Hong Kong’s rich maritime history and strategic geographical position.
Holds one of the most impressive collections of Chinese Art in the world.  Exhibits rotate but include artefacts, calligraphy and antique treasures. Closed on Thursdays.
Something a bit different, but this 19th century British Fort was an important battlefield during the 1941 Battle for Hong Kong.  There are great views and it’s well maintained and preserved, showing 600 years of Hong Kong’s history of coastal defence. Closed on Thursdays.
Houses numerous collections relating to Hong Kong’s History.  Definitely worth a visit and is next door to the Science Museum so both can be done in a day.
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