‘Colour Away Covid’ Art Competition

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28 May 2020 — By Catherine Stewart / Activities / Kids / Wellness
Colour away covid

Artists aged 12 to 18 are invited this summer to participate in a mask pattern design competition to raise awareness about the need to care for youth who lack access to quality masks, and to express their creativity through art. The winning design will be printed on 100,000 masks with a significant portion donated to communities in need, especially low-income or at-risk children returning to school.

This student-led initiative envisions a city where each youth has access to quality masks, empowers one another, and uses creativity to help communities during difficult times. The theme of the competition will be ‘There To Care’, as inspired by the ways that communities have stood together in the face of this pandemic. This competition provides young people with the chance to convey what being ‘There To Care’ means to them, whilst promoting a culture of cooperation between corporations and the wider community.

Students are encouraged to design the patterns on the template on Colour Away Covid’s website, and submit their artwork on the same page. The judging panel is composed of several renowned local artists, including Mr. Jonathan Jay Lee, named as World’s Best 200 Illustrators, and Ms. Winnie Davies, President of Hong Kong Oil Painters’ Guild (HKOPG) and Founding Chairman of Club 4 Art.

Inspired by a friend who contracted COVID-19, founder Bakhita Fung, a student at Georgetown University, believes in the importance of protecting youth. As the virus broke out in the US, she recalls her ambivalence: “I told my dad that it would be fine if I contracted the coronavirus, after all, youth didn’t seem to be at risk. Until one of my friends caught it.” She continues to share about her friend’s difficult journey and recovery: the loneliness, isolation and physical struggle. “Youth are not immune to the virus, and more needs to be done to protect us if we are planning to resume school.”

Therefore, the ‘Colour Away Covid’ team has partnered with a Hong Kong-based surgical mask manufacturer, Zionburg who will produce the winning pattern. Charities such as The Society for Community Organization (SoCO), Hands on Hong Kong and other established organizations are committed to distributing the customized masks to youth in need. “Even though Hong Kong has had success in its fight against coronavirus, more needs to be done to help children,” Bakhita continues. She cites the recent deaths of children in New York of inflammatory complications possibly linked to Covid-19. “It’s essential that they feel safe enough to resume school in September.”

The competition starts 8 June 8 and will end on 8 July. Companies or individuals interested in supporting this initiative or purchasing masks can contact [email protected]. For more information, check them out on Facebook or Instagram. and enter the competition here.


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