Los Sontano Are Searching for Mural Artists

Los Sotano is looking for a talented artist to lend his or her talents to liven up the walls at Los Sotano, the popular underground Mexican x Miami restaurant and bar in Central that serves premium tequilas and mezcals in addition to a full menu of Mexican-inspired dishes.

The walls are currently decked out with a mixture of Mexican- and street-inspired artwork that was completed by 3 well-known Miami graffiti artists, Golden, Le Creep and Ruben.

How to Enter

In an exciting event that they are calling ‘El Muro, El Mural,’ they are searching for the next artist to help them re-decorate a wall in the Los Sotano venue. And this time around they are hoping to try out a different type of medium for Mexican-inspired art.

Winners will get a great prize which includes:

  • $2,500 in credit to use at Los Sotano for a dinner or drinks with friends
  • Live artwork event (the artist will paint for 3 hours, media and friends will be invited to Los Sotano
  • Highlight Asia will produce a quick video introducing the winning artist
  • Mini photoshoot
  • Timelapse video from the live painting

Submissions (digital or sketches are allowed) should be sent to melody@highlight.asia by 10 pm on Thursday 5 November, 2018

They’ll pick the top 3 entries which will be put on Los Sotano’s official Facebook page for public votes.


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