Halloween Event: Zombie Alert – Ticket Giveaway

We're excited about trying something different this Halloween at this uniquely frightening and fun, interactive zombie survival experience. And we've got two tickets to give away.

20 Oct 2017 — By Catherine Stewart / Activities / What's On
Zombie Survival

Do You Have What it Takes to Survive the Zombie Attack?

** This Ticket Giveaway is now closed**

This Halloween Glitter and Gore, a Hong Kong-based immersive entertainment company, invites the strongest willed in the city to brave their, very limited, unique Halloween experience ‘Zombie Survival’.

For one night only, you will have the opportunity to escape the compulsory city-wide evacuation (due to the zombie attack), train to defeat the zombies in the streets of the city and uncover the secrets held within ‘The Safe Place’. Think live action zombie film meets escape room and you might be somewhere along the right lines; this is an interactive experience where guests are heavily involved in the action!

We are giving away two tickets for this Zombie Survival Experience on 28 October, scroll to the bottom of this post to enter our lucky draw.

‘Zombie Survival’ is an action packed three-hour experience which will run for one night only on 28 October. The window of opportunity to bypass the evacuation is very brief and will allow for only 5 groups; these will start at 6pm and will continue in thirty minute intervals. Information surrounding the zombie attack remains highly classified as does the location of ‘the safe place’, in order to ensure its ongoing safety its location will only be released to those who successfully secure their position on the mission.

Led by an actor, each group will meet at an undisclosed location in search of the safe place and the opportunity to help Dr Geistig to prove that his efforts have been worthwhile all this time (…or have they?). Of course, the experience will not be short of zombies, and therefore tasks and activities to complete, on the way. Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha, Creative Director of Glitter and Gore, professional Scare Actor and all-round Halloween enthusiast says “Participants will go through a rollercoaster of emotions, one minute they’ll be in fits of giggles, the next they’ll be in an adrenaline frenzied state of determination. Brains will be boggled, blood will be pumping and people will find themselves with new buddies out of the people who were strangers mere hours before.”

Event Details

When:     28 October 2017, from 6pm, this is a 3 hour immersive entertainment experience
Where:   The location is classified and will be released to participants after booking
Tickets:  From $827, from Eventbrite

Please note this event is suitable for over 18s.

For more information please email [email protected]

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