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Healthy Living Asia - Plan Your Meals & Improve Your Health. Apps for menu planning, and calendar apps to make the best use of your time.

30 Apr 2015 — By Laura Paul / Diet

Healthy Living Asia Smart Tips: Plan Your Meals and Improve Your Health

Luck always favours the prepared, and it’s no different when thinking about the next day or week ahead.  Even if you have a job where locations or change happens throughout the day, plan what you can.  Scheduling what you are able to and planning your sources of nutrition will help ensure healthy success.

For example, if you have a meeting first thing in the morning, consider making breakfast porridge the night before.  If you have children to get ready for school, plan a couple of menus that you can rotate.  This reduces stress and is an efficient use of time.  Below are a list of top meal planning options, HK delivery services and calendar apps for phone and computer.

Meal planning apps

  • Cook Smarts:  According to Lifehacker this is an amazing app.   “The meal plans themselves are incredibly robust —you tell the service how you want to eat—vegetarian, high protein, low-carb, paleo, or just a plain balanced diet, and you’ll get four new and interesting recipes every week along with ingredients, a downloadable and printable grocery list, and even step-by-step instructions and cooking videos to help you make everything.”
  • Plan to Eat:  For $40USD a year (or $4USD per month), you can have organised recipes, automated grocery lists and meal planning all in one.  With drag and drop functionality, meal planning becomes fun and interesting.  You can try it for free for 30 days.  It also has a blog covering multiple areas of lifestyles like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and nourishing traditions.
  • Once a month meals:  For those on a dairy and gluten-free diet, once a month meals allows you to choose from baby food, paleo, vegetarian and more lifestyles.  You get a month of recipes for $10USD per month.  Customise your serving size, adjust to metric or standard measurements and with the upgraded version you can even create your own menu and swap recipes.

Local Hong Kong Delivery Services

  • Nutrition Nation:  This Hong Kong company offers a range of packages and membership options from personalised individual plans to nutrition for the family.  The company also offers menu planning for specific dietary requirements, intolerances plus personal shopping lessons for the individual and/or for helpers.
  • Eat Right:  EatRight is both a restaurant and food delivery programme.  If you are training for the TransLantau, on a sugar-free diet or you detest peas, EatRight designs your menu from breakfast to dinner including snacks.
  •  If you need meals occasionally, Hong Kong hosts several healthier delivery options.  Food delivered from restaurants such as Dandy’s Organic Café, Little Burro, Maya Café, and healthy Korean Sanche make healthier options easier in a pinch. Plus they are brought right to your doorstep!

Calendar apps

iPhone & Android

  • iCal (iPhone only):  basic appointments and schedule management
  • Sunrise (iPhone & Android):  basic appointments and schedule management plus Twitter and syncing with business apps like Trello.  Uses colored icons for easy reading and schedule management.
  • Calendars 5:  great for the multi-tasker, it has built in task management and list functionality
  • SOLCalendar (Android only):  This calendar app syncs across multiple platforms, has integrated to-do lists and includes weather (location-based) and holidays for 41 different countries.
  • Jorte (Android only):  This cloud-based calendar app can let you sync across multiple devices, schedules and calendars.


  • BusyCal2:  complete calendar replacement and iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, CalDAV and more.  Integrates all your reminders and tasks for a complete replacement.
  • Blotter:  allows you to view your iCal calendar on your desktop.

No matter your lifestyle or dietary preferences, plan your meals or choose a service to help you reach your goals.  Put it in your calendar, make your lists, use the services available in Hong Kong to help you out in a pinch.  With a bit of luck, you will succeed and make your goals.

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