Hong Kong Public Holidays 2020 and How to Make the Most of Them

Get these dates booked in your calendar now and make the most of your public holidays in 2020.

9 Aug 2019 — By Catherine Stewart / HK Living / Travel
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If your vacation allowance is not as generous as you’d like, then you’ll want to make Hong Kong’s 17 annual public holidays work for you and maximise your vay-cay time. Here’s the list of 2020 public holidays in Hong Kong and if you want to plan some travels without cutting into that precious holiday allowance, we’ve got a quick guide to the best long weekends and weeks to do that. Here’s to getting out there and living your best life!

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2020

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Stay in HK for CNY and catch the lion dancing


1 January (Wednesday), New Year’s Day

25 January (Saturday), Lunar New Year’s Day

27 January (Monday) & 28 January (Tuesday), Chinese New Year


4 April (Saturday), Ching Ming Festival

10, 11, 13 April (Friday, Saturday, Monday), Easter

30 April (Thursday), Buddha’s Birthday


1 May (Friday), Labour Day


25 June (Thursday), Tuen Ng Festival


1 July (Wednesday), Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day


1 October (Thursday), National Day

2 October (Friday), day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

26 October (Monday), day following Chung Yeung Festival


25 December (Friday), Christmas Day

26 December (Saturday), first week day following Christmas Day


Long weekends – enjoy a long weekend away without using your vacation allowance!

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Saturday 25 January – Tuesday 28 January (Chinese New Year)

4 days off but 0 days holiday used. CNY gets very busy at most travel destinations around Asia, so book early if you want to travel. Or why not just enjoy the sights and sounds of Hong Kong during its biggest festival (plus the weather is usually great during this long weekend in Hong Kong for hiking and other outdoor activities). If you’re in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, don’t miss our guide to what’s on at CNY around Hong Kong.

Friday 10 April – Monday 13 April (Easter)

4 days off but 0 days holiday used. As with Chinese New Year, Easter is an extremely busy time for travel so book early, or just enjoy the good weather in Hong Kong during April.

Thursday 30 April – Sunday 3 April (Buddha’s Birthday & Labour Day holidays)

These two unrelated public holidays for 2020 fall on consecutive days, giving us a bonus long weekend to make the most of!

Thursday 25 June – Sunday 28 June (Tuen Ng Festival 25 June)

Take a 4 day break using just 1 day of annual leave.

Thursday 1 October – Sunday 4 October (Chinese National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival)

Another bonus long holiday for 2020, these two unrelated public holidays fall on a consecutive Thursday and Friday, giving you 4 days off and 0 days of annual leave allowance used.


Take a week off, without using up all your annual leave

Take the week off, you deserve it! Hong Kongers work some of the longest hours worldwide, so we know you need a week or two off to get you through. Here’s how to maximise your time out of the office.


29 December (Saturday) – 6 January (Sunday)

Public holiday 1 January (Wednesday)


25 January (Saturday) – 2 February (Sunday)

Public holidays 27 & 28 January (Monday & Tuesday)


4 April (Saturday) – 12 April (Sunday)

Public holiday 11 April (Friday)

11 April (Saturday) – 19 April (Sunday)

Public holiday 13 April (Monday)


25 April (Saturday) – 3 May (Sunday)

Public holidays 30 April (Thursday) & 1 May (Friday)


22 June (Saturday) – 30 June (Sunday)

Public holiday 25 June (Tuesday)


27 June (Saturday) – 5 July (Sunday)

Public holiday 1 July (Wednesday)


26 September (Saturday) – 4 October (Sunday)

Public holidays 1 & 2 October (Thursday/Friday)

24 October (Saturday) – 1 November (Sunday)

Public holiday 26 October (Monday)


21 December (Saturday) – 29 December (Sunday)

Public holidays 25 & 26 December (Wednesday/Thursday)


How to spend those holidays?

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