Hong Kong’s Social Distancing Regulations Increase Once Again

How will these tougher social distancing rules impact you?

10 Jul 2020 — / Activities / HK Living / Lifestyle / Taste / What's On
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Following a recent spate of local COVID-19 infections, the government has announced the following changes in social distancing regulations for Hong Kong.

Playgrounds Will Close

Playgrounds for children and road safety towns will be temporarily closed from July 11 (Saturday).

Tighter Rules & Smaller Groups (8 Max) at Other Sports Venues

Rows of spectator stands at leisure venues will open alternately. For activities held at dance rooms/activity rooms with more than eight people, the number of participants in each group must limit to eight or below. A distance of 1.5 metres between each group should be maintained.

Greater Limitations at Public Pools

For public swimming pools, the number of users in swimming pools will be limited to maintain distance among swimmers. Leisure pools, children pools and toddlers’ pools will continue to be closed. Only some swimming pool facilities such as main pools, secondary pools, training pools or teaching pools will open.

Libraries & Museums Adopt Admissions Quotas

For cultural facilities, all LCSD’s museums and libraries will also tighten precautionary measures. Museums will adopt admission quotas to limit visitor flow. Visitors will enter on a first-come, first-served basis. Some interactive exhibits of the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Space Museum will be closed. Enhanced cleansing of exhibits will be conducted and children facilities in all museums will remain closed. While public libraries will maintain the current admission arrangement, enhanced precautionary measures will be adopted. The cleansing session will remain and seating will be reduced for social distancing.

Restaurants & Bars

The number of customers at any catering premises at any one time must not exceed 60% of the normal seating capacity of the premises. No more than eight persons may be seated together at one table within any catering premises, while for bars and pubs, no more than four persons may be seated together at one table therein. Other requirements and restrictions in relation to catering business premises will be maintained.

Group Sizes Reduced – Impacting Fitness Classes & Kids’ Summer Camps

Maximum group size of 8 at activities such as karoke rooms, party rooms, fitness classes etc.

Clubs & Nightclubs

For clubs or nightclubs, the number of persons who may be seated together at one table is tightened from eight to four. The number of customers allowed therein at any one time is tightened from 80% to 60% of the normal seating capacity or normal capacity of such premises.

No Eating or Drinking at Cinemas or Any Live Performance

No eating or drinking inside cinemas and all places of public entertainment with live performance is allowed.


There is no indication of when these restrictions may be reviewed or lifted. You can read the full government press releases here.

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