The group gathering restrictions have been relaxed and most government run leisure and cultural venues are now re-opened.
18 Jun 2020 / Around HK / Family / What's On
Getaways without going away!
17 Jun 2020 / Activities / Around HK
Pre-book your Ocean Park tickets to enjoy big discounts for local residents this summer.
8 Jun 2020 / Around HK / Family / What's On

Around HK

Fancy getting away, without actually going away?  Keep your passport in the safe because you don’t need to get on a plane to feel like you’ve had a vacation. 
25 Sep 2018 / Around HK / Holidays
Hong Kong's top 10 hikes by Jane Richards, ironman and marathon runner. Hikes for all abilities including families, hardcore hikes and road runners.
3 Nov 2017 / Around HK / Lifestyle

If you have visitors planning a trip to HK, or you just want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the city’s amazing events, then this calendar highlights what’s happening in the city during the year. The month by month weather insights are super useful for visitors and thanks to the team at Hotel Club, …
15 Jun 2015 / Around HK
Recent Hong Kong arrival, Sarah Richard, gives us her insights into some of the things that people in HK to just that little bit differently to the rest of the world - how many of these resonate with you?
8 Jun 2015 / Around HK
Capture great images of Hong Kong at night with an evening photography course with Nina de Vries.
7 May 2015 / Around HK
From paragliding to silent dimsum, from trampolining to organic farming and much more, here are 10 unusual things to try in Hong Kong.
7 May 2015 / Around HK
Hong Kong bike rental scheme.
29 Apr 2015 / Around HK
Hong Kong's best tour guides: find the best tours for discovering Hong Kong on foot, by boat, by bike, by bus or from the air.
1 Apr 2015 / Around HK