Take one small step towards reducing plastic waste in Hong Kong by picking up one of these fantastic, reuseable coffee mugs!
28 Feb 2019 / Lifestyle / Shopping / Wellness
Enhale Meditation Studio, an accessible oasis centered on mindfulness, healthy living and overall wellbeing has recently opened in the heart of Central.
25 Jan 2019 / Wellness
Enter our lucky draw for a chance to win the latest Fitbit Charge 3!
15 Nov 2018 / Wellness


Healthy Living Asia: how can face masks protect against flu and pollution? How effective are they and what kind of mask do you need?
29 Apr 2015 / Health
Fitness Column with Elle Kealy from Lithe Fitness - focusing on fitness, health and wellbeing.
28 Jan 2015 / Fitness
HK HUB interviews Laura Paul, Founder, Healthy Living Asia Magazine to discover her reasons for launching a magazine & how her personal journey has lead to her new role.
19 Jan 2015 / Health
Hong Kong's Top 10 Gluten Free/Celiac Friendly Restaurants & Cafes from Urban Health Limited. Where to eat out safely if you are gluten free or celiac.
1 Dec 2014 / Diet
The Healthy Living Asia Guide to entertaining without overindulging.
18 Nov 2014 / Health
Hong Kong's Lantaumama, Jacqueline Renee Cohen spills the beans on water kefir - what it is, why you should drink it and how to make it.
10 Nov 2014 / Health
Where to Shop for the Best Gluten Free in a Box Bread Mixes, Pasta Bases and Sweet Treats in Hong Kong.
27 Oct 2014 / Health
Joint Dynamics Hong Kong - physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports physiologists and trainers for all your sporting needs in one specialist clinic.
6 Oct 2014 / Fitness
Healthy Living Asia brings you 5 ways to recover from a late night. Health, wellbeing and lifestyle tips on The HK HUB.
6 Oct 2014 / Health
Healthy Living in HK: 10 Tips for Achieving a healthier lifestyle. From taking the stairs & grabbing a green juice to improving sleep & taking time to reflect.
29 Sep 2014 / Health

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