HYPOXI: Natural Body Shaping

Hypoxi training is a natural way to target stubborn fat deposits and achieve your ideal body shape. We investigated Hypoxi and here's what we discovered.

16 Mar 2016 — By Catherine Stewart / Fitness / Health
Hypoxi Hong Kong

Shifting Stubborn Fat Deposits With Hypoxi

Here’s the thing,  there are parts of the body where fat is difficult to shift. For females we’re talking about the hips, thighs and buttocks, sometimes the waist. For guys the beer belly is often a challenge.

Hypoxi targets those annoyingly persistent lumps and bumps.  As a bonus, while shrinking fat deposits, the increased blood supply to those areas firms skin and reduces cellulite.

Sound good? Here’s how it works.

All Natural

Hypoxi was invented in 1998 by an Austrian sports scientist. The system boosts the body’s own fat burning systems through gentle exercise inside a Hypoxi vacunaut training machine. No chemicals or needles are involved, just an easy workout combined with compression/vaccum therapy (a bit like cupping).

The theory is that fat burns faster in areas of the body with better blood supply. The Hypoxi machines use alternating vacuum and compression therapy to increase the blood flow and temperature in the target areas so that you lose inches there first.

New clients are measured before their first session and then measured again after seven sessions to see ‘first results’. The Hypoxi team assure me that most clients are delighted with the amount of inches they lose off those annoying bumps.

What’s Hypoxi Like?

I tried a session (Hypoxi offer free trials for anyone) at the Hypoxi studio in Central and I can confirm that the training sessions are very gentle (even for someone who hasn’t seen the inside of the gym in a while like me).

There are different machines and setups depending on where you want to lose the fat. The technician will set up the machine to your specific needs (age, body weight, any health issues) and give you a target heart rate. I used the bike which targets the lower body – the problem area for most women.

My lower half was enclosed in a chamber and air was blown in and sucked out – the compression therapy. It was a slightly odd feeling at first but not at all uncomfortable. I spent 30 minutes gently pedaling, and I didn’t break a sweat. And that’s the point, this is not cardio training, it’s all about targeted fat reduction. So you can happily read, check your emails or listen to your iPod and just take 30 minutes to yourself while burning fat cells.

For even more improvement in skin firmness, to reduce water retention and to break down cellulite you can also opt for a 20 minute dermology ‘massage’ inside a strange looking vacunaut suit.  (I didn’t try this because it’s not suitable for breastfeeding mums, which was sad because a 20 minute lay down and massage would have been ideal!).

Does Hypoxi Work?

Does it work? That’s what we all want to know of course! Hypoxi have commissioned scientific studies to prove the effectiveness of their treatment and you can read about them here. Hypoxi is also widely used by professional athletes to aid muscle recovery and regeneration.

This is not a gimmick or a quick fix. It takes some commitment and you need to fit in 2 to 3 sessions a week and 12 sessions overall to really get results. But the sessions are very easy and the location is super convenient.

If you’ve been working out but not quite getting the body shape you hoped for, or even if you haven’t been working out but still want to trim certain areas, then take a Hypoxi free trial and see for yourself what it’s all about.

Hypoxi sponsored the HK Hub to research and write this review.

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