Introducing: SolarSoundSystem HK

SolarSoundSystem HK are contributing to a greener Hong Kong with their solar- and human kinetic-energy powered sound systems.

3 Apr 2018 — By Melanie Grosjean / Around HK
Solar Sound systems bike and sound system

Clean energy and a greener Hong Kong is something we can all get behind. Solar energy is a huge part to this global movement and is changing the way we think about powering cars, homes, industries and even cultural events. A fantastic organisation, SolarSoundSystem HK is a non-profit that is making clean, green waves in the music and entertainment industry as they raise awareness of renewable energy through their innovative sound systems.

The project involves a totally off-grid DJ booth powered out of solar energy and of human kinetic energy. Through this innovative design, participants can enjoy music with 100% renewable energy generated speakers, turntables and sound mixers. The community can see solar panels working first hand and even participate in the production of electricity through bicycle power.

kinetic energy bicycles

SolarSoundSystem HK has already powered several hundred workshops and events across more than ten countries using only the power of the sun and from the attendees on bicycles. The team which created the project was recently in Hong Kong helping to build the machine which was introduced to the public at Sonar HK on 17 March.

To learn more about the project visit their website

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