Crown Super Deluxe

Black Sheep Restaurants have just launched a new teppanyaki restaurant in the heart of Central: Crown Super Deluxe. To really understand the vibe this concept is going for, here’s a quick history lesson: teppanyaki has a history of being both a refined dining experience from Japan as well as an entertaining dining experience in the US. Crown Super Deluxe is the best of both these worlds. The main dining room decor is meant to take you back to the days when bigger and flashier was better (cue the golden counters, mustard velvet arm chairs, and purple carpet). Now, if you’re like us and were wondering why “Crown Super Deluxe”, it comes from Black Sheep co-founders’ admiration of Japanese taxi driver’s formal uniforms and pristine 80s Toyoto Crown Deluxe.

Price point: Three pre fixe menus to choose from, starting at HK$788 per person

Mezzanine Level, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central

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