Eat FRESH is a green-hearted company with a simple mission to provide easy access to fresh, local, organic and high quality products delivered to homes, literally fresh from the farm. Eat FRESH’s core value is to provide fresh, organic and seasonal vegetables, which have been handpicked and delivered soon after harvest.

To mark the beginning of a new year, Eat FRESH has launched an Organic Detox Bag (launched on the 8th Jan 2014), perfect if you’re looking for an easy and organic way to detox. This full detox package contains particularly detox supportive produce, such as liver-supportive herbs, plenty of greens such as kale and, of course, seasonal fruits to include in juices. A unique and detailed detox e-manual is included in the package containing lots of healthy information as well as recipes devised by chef and certified health coach, Mia.

To claim your 10% discount, just enter the code EatFRESH10% when you order.

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