Better known as PEKiP,  the Prague Parent-Infant Program is designed to facilitate the development of  babies from 0-1 year old through exercises stimulating their motor, sensory, and vestibular systems.  This valuable program provides 100 activities and games for babies and parents to encourage optimum neurological and motor development of the child’s body, helping them “learn how to learn”. As babies progress through various motor milestones, creative PEKiP activities help them to learn good head control, rolling over, spinning, crawling, sitting, creeping on hands and knees, gripping with “pincers”, and eventually, when the time has come to graduate PEKiP, standing and walking! Teacher Anne helps to ensure that babies reach their peak sensory, motor, and cognitive development – the foundation which will ready babies for future academic success.

Classes are taught by Anne Knecht-Boyer, founder of the Hong Kong branch of PEKiP and author of the book of “Baby Fun”,which focuses on PEKiP-style activities to promote development at home.

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