Pinnacle Performance

Pinnacle Performance offers members and athletes the best facilities, most experienced coaches and best location on Hong Kong island for those serious about developing their athleticism and achieving new goals.

Along with Pinnacle’s unique tiered training programmes and Pinnacle athletic rating, every member receives a fully individual training programme tailored to their competency and ability.

Tom, the Head Strength and Conditioning coach, has previously worked with current internationally performing athletes and knows what it takes to produce performances and develop fitness for a purpose. Incorporating over 100 hours of group and open facility training per week and development sessions focusing on Strength and Power, Metabolic response or Energy System development, Pinnacle members not only receive individual and complete training programmes but the flexibility to fit them around work and lifestyle commitments.

Pinnacle offers free trials and the opportunity to meet with the coaches and enjoy the facility. Staleness in your training? Looking for support and an individual programme for your fitness level? Go and see them, they are a 3 minutes walk from Time Square MTR.

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