Lovely Lashes and Fabulous Feet at Carte Blanche, TST

Carte Blanche - Hong Kong's only Japanese Beauty Salon. For flawless nails and lovely lashes, Carte Blanche offers top-notch service in a bright and relaxed setting.

1 Jun 2015 — By Sophie Cullen / Beauty

It’s a fact that Japan has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty treatments, so when Hong Kong’s only Japanese Beauty Salon, Carte Blanche, asked me to review them, I jumped at the chance!

The salon is based over two floors with hair tended to on the lower level and beauty treatments carried out upstairs. I was greeted with a lovely bright space as I walked in, largely thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and cream interiors.

Because it’s sandal season, I opted for a soft-gel pedicure and was glad to be offered a drink from their menu while I waited.  As I settled into the comfy seat for the treatment, my nail artist Amy got to work preparing my feet while I relaxed and listened to the jazzy soundtrack that echoed throughout the place.

You can definitely tell that the ladies at Carte Blanche are real Nail technicians (trained in Japan), as Amy took great care in buffing and filing my nails to absolute perfection as I sipped on my iced Jasmine Tea and enjoyed the refreshing foot soak. As all this was happening, there were some magazines for me to read, and as much as I enjoyed flipping through the Japanese fashion pages, it would have been great to have a couple of reading options in English.

My qualms due to lack of reading material were quickly abolished when I started receiving my lower leg and foot massage – I just love these – and Amy invigorated my tired feet with her miraculous hands. There was a huge selection of nail art for me to choose from and after agonising over polka-dots and leopard print, I finally decided to go with a cherry print from their ‘Design of the Month’ selection ($890).

With feet prep over, it was on to the highly anticipated second treatment – lashes! My lash designer, Chika, talked to me about the different shapes, curves and styles we could do as I had never had my lashes done before. Finally we settled on something between ‘Sexy’ and ‘Gorgeous’ and Chika began the procedure while Amy started painting my nails, and I got to lay back and relax. When she was finished pain-stakingly applying each individual lash, I was finally able to see the result, and it was great! The lashes were noticeably longer, and the way she had graduated the length towards the outer corner of my eyes was fantastic. My toe nails looked fab too, and the ladies gave me some good tips on after-care.

Prices for regular manicures start around $280 and pedicures $480, with soft-gel nails for mani/pedi starting at $600 and $820 respectively. Lashes start around $900, so they are somewhere on upper-end of the price scale, however, the friendly, professional staff and the array of options available mean I will definitely be heading back for more of their top-notch work.

Carte Blanche
1F/2F Mody House, 30 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui (Opposite exit N1)
2739 1960 (Hair)
2739 1966 (Nails and Lashes)


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