Hong Kong-based air crew on layovers do not need to quarantine in their hotel rooms anymore, starting October 4. They are now allowed to go out to eat and drink at outports, but cannot go to crowded places such as bars. However, they must undergo a PCR test upon arrival and four more such tests after they return to the city.

In addition, air crew who are doing turnaround flights no longer have to await their on-arrival PCR test results at the airport. Once they return to Hong Kong, they may submit their testing samples and go home to get the results. They now have a three-day medical surveillance period during which they must self-administer rapid antigen tests every day. Their PCR testing schedule is the same as for crew who do layovers abroad and they are exempt from the amber health code requirements that apply to inbound passengers.

This development comes after the Hong Kong government ended the mandatory hotel quarantine period for overseas travellers. Instead of isolating at a hotel, they must undergo a three-day medical surveillance period during which they cannot go to crowded public places that require a valid vaccine pass.

Last month, authorities scrapped the hotel quarantine measures for air crew returning from turnaround flights, and introduced frequent PCR and daily rapid antigen testing until the third day after they return to the SAR.

Header image credits: Kevin Bosc via Unsplash

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