Organic Lunch at The Ritz

Organic salad bar at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong - dine at 420m above sea level and enjoy a stunning selection of organic salads, grains, dressings and more.

30 Apr 2015 — By Laura Paul, Mawgan Batt / Reviews

Hong Kong’s Only Organic Salad Bar

On our quest to find Hong Kong’s best healthy lunch locations, we were delighted to find that the Lounge and Bar at The Ritz-Carlton now boasts an almost 100% organic salad bar. We visited recently to meet with Executive Chef Peter Find and supplier of the organic produce, Dr. Andrew Lam from ecoFarm to find out more about what guests can expect when dining 420 meters above sea level.

The lunch is an all you can eat affair with a wide range of beautifully prepared organic greens served alongside a variety of pulses, grains and diverse condiments including roasted beetroot, artichokes, fennel, nuts and seeds. All the produce has been selected for its highly nutritious content and is complimented by a range of healthy oils and dressings. Once you’ve made your selection, one of the chefs will expertly toss your salad with your preferred dressing to ensure you have the perfect salad.

Ritz 2

Using only organic produce, Chef Peter Find works closely with ecoFarm to ensure that guests continually benefit from only the best seasonal vegetables. His aim is to eventually move towards organic meats, nuts and other accompaniments to create Hong Kong’s only 100% organic lunch buffet.

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The service at the Ritz-Carlton is impeccable, the offering is second to none and at HK$228+10% it represents fantastic value for such a setting.  In addition to the salad bar, diners can enjoy a daily soup, hot dishes, dessert and a refreshing detox water. Finish the meal with a fruity iced tea created by award winning mixologist Lewis Tsang.

And if you are lucky like we were, the view is pretty spectacular too!

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Available from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm daily from Monday to Thursday, and between 12:00 noon and 1:45 pm on Friday. For reservations and inquiries, please contact Restaurant Reservations at 2263 2270 or email [email protected].


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