Restaurant Review: nhâu Vietnamese in Sheung Wan

We try nhâu, a newly-opened casual Vietnamese restaurant tucked away down a side street in Sheung Wan.

27 Mar 2019 — By Catherine Stewart / Food / Restaurants / Reviews / Taste
exterior at nhau vietnamese restaurant hong kong

Contemporary Vietnamese food at nhâu

Take a wander down the steps from Man Mo Temple, turn right on to Circular Path and you’ll find nhâu, where Chef Que Vinh Dang is serving up classic Vietnamese flavours, with fresh, creative cooking and presentation styles.

The eye-catching neon yellow sign outside sets the tone for this vibrant little restaurant. Inside the walls are painted in sunny yellow, and covered in iconic Vietnamese items. There’s also a hint of Vietnam’s French colonial past in the rattan chairs and the marble table tops.

The Food

báhn mi rice tacos and hamachi bowl

We loved nhâu ’s Hamachi Bowl ($180), a dish inspired by a popular Vietnamese combination of turmeric, fried catfish and dill. nhâu’s version uses delicious seared hamachi marinated with tumeric juice, served on a bed of dill flavoured rice noodle salad and with a crispy tumeric batter on top. The combination of flavours and textures was really pleasing, and the lightly seared fish was particularly delicious.

The báhn mi rice tacos ($120) with home-made pickle and iberico pork belly were a playful twist on a traditional báhn mi, served on home-made rice tacos. This simple and tasty dish would be great for sharing.

roasted cauliflower with caramelised pork ko quet (photo credit: nhau)

We were huge fans of this roasted cauliflower with caramelised pork ko quet ($140). Boiled cauliflower with caramelised pork belly sauce for dipping is a popular Vietnamese dish. nhâu’s version takes the taste experience up a notch with the crispness of the roasted cauliflower and pork belly combined in one bowl with a delicious sweet and spicy sauce.

We also enjoyed the grilled fish salt cured whole spring chicken ($220). This juicy roast chicken with crispy, well seasoned, skin, is served in portions with a side platter of lettuce, rice noodles, herbs, lime, and a dish of crystallised fish sauce for sprinkling.  This is an ideal sharing dish and diners can mix up the flavours to suit their own tastes.

spring chicken at nhau

grilled fish salt cured whole spring chicken

The Verdict

nhâu is a great spot for casual lunches and dinners, with tasty Vietnamese food at a reasonable price point (main courses are in the $150-$200 price range). They don’t have a liquor licence yet so you can BYOB. Impress your friends by taking them down this side street to uncover a hidden gem!


nhâu, 12 Circular Pathway, Hong Kong, 3612 4568

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