Located in Elements mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kagura, specialises in yakiniku, a Japanese-style Korean barbecue. Using Mirai beef sourced from a farm in Hokkaido, the first and only overseas outlet presents a unique farm-to-table experience for the city’s foodies and connoisseurs alike.

interior at Kagura
interior at Kagura

Though spacious and airy, the bare brick walls, wooden beams and intimate lighting makes for a cosy feel. Take a seat in your booth and be prepared to whet your appetite.

assorted Mirai beef rare parts
assorted Mirai beef rare parts

For beef lovers, a visit to Kagura is not complete without an order of the daily limited Assorted Mirai Beef Rare Parts Yakiniku Platter ($388).

Mirai beef is imported directly from Mr Haruyoshi Kashiwaba’s (the owner) farm in Hokkaido where the cattle is fed with high quality fodder and provided with a clean and spacious environment to live in. Unlike the delicate Wagyu Beef we are so often used to, Mirai has a smooth texture, is rich in flavour and offers a balance of marbling and aromatic smell, resulting in a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Unique cuts include salt and pepper seasoned flank, inside skirt, bottom flap, rib eye roll and last but not least, the rump in pot, marinated in a homemade sauce. Upon firing up the grill and cooking until ready, each succulent piece of organic, hormone-free meat offers a combination of flavours and textures and is one of the signature dishes not be missed.

beef on the grill at Kagura
Pork on the grill

Besides the Yakiniku Platter, guests can also try daily special cuts along with all-time favourites such as Sirloin, Supreme Karubi and Mirai Beef Special Steam Box, offering richness, tenderness and a beautiful aroma.

Other options include the tender and delicious Kamikomi Pork Neck and Pork Belly as well as an array of seasonal vegetables, chicken and seafood including king prawns and scallops.


Whether you’re planning a family get together or a date-night, Kagura’s welcoming ambience and generous menu offering makes for an authentic yet fun experience at a fair price. Pick your trusted and safe meat options and watch them sizzle and cook to perfection!

Kagura, Shop 1086, 1/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, 2682 3913


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