As a blonde, I’ve had my fair share of “hair struggles” (especially in Hong Kong). I recently noticed that my highlights have been looking dull and brassy, and were no longer that cool-colored blonde they had previously been. Aside from the color, years of highlights had taken a hard toll on my hair, and I was really starting to feel and see the damage done. After doing a bit of research for how to go lighter without further damaging my hair, I came across SOZO Hair Design in Central and booked an appointment for the following week.

Before photo
Before my treatment at Sozo Hair Design

Upon arriving at SOZO, my lovely and knowledgeable hair stylist, David Malo, encouraged me to move away from highlights and try balayage for a more natural look (which didn’t need much convincing since I don’t get my hair colored frequently and need a subtle transition between my roots and the rest of my hair when it begins to grow out). He also suggested getting an Olaplex treatment along with the balayage.

For those, like me, who have no clue what an Olaplex treatment is, it’s a 3-part treatment used during and after hair coloring. This treatment, albeit common elsewhere in the world, is relatively new to Hong Kong. David explained that damaged hair is caused by the bonds in your hair separating. Olaplex is meant to keep your hair bonds intact while treating your hair, which means relatively no damage done.

Waiting for my treatment with wine in hand
I love that they serve wine while you wait

“I would recommend it to any color client (especially if you’re going lighter) because it’s designed to strengthen and protect the hair as you color. So, over a long period of time, you end up with beautiful hair all the time. Not just when you visit your stylist,” says David Malo.

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The Olaplex treatment is first mixed into the color as your hair is being dyed. Then, it’s applied directly on your hair (it smells great, by the way!) while rinsing and washing it after your hair has been coloured. Lastly, you’re given a bottle of the treatment to take home and should apply it once a week until finished.

Take Home Treatment
Take Home Olaplex Treatment

At this point, it’s been two weeks since I’ve had my hair done and with each application of the Olaplex treatment, my hair looks fantastic afterwards and maintains a healthy shine throughout the week. I would certainly recommend adding the Olaplex treatment the next time you get your hair done, especially if you’re wanting to go lighter. SOZO Hair Design is a fantastic, modern studio in Central with knowledgeable staff (David Malo, Hair Director, was beyond wonderful to work with) and fantastic results. I could not be happier with the way my hair turned out; just look at the before and after photos!

After Photo
After my balayage and Olaplex treatment

Cost of my hair coloring and treatments at Sozo Hair Design:

Balayage coloring: HK$2200 (price varies depending on length – more expensive for me because of my long hair)
Olaplex treatment: HK$350+ (mine was HK$500 because of the length of my hair)

SOZO Hair Design

3/F Worldwide Commercial Building
34 Wyndham Street

Tel: 2353 5025

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