Roundup: Covid-19 Social Distancing Hong Kong, What’s Open & What’s Not?

What are the latest COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in Hong Kong? What's open, what's not?

3 Jun 2020 — By Catherine Stewart / HK Living / What's On
social distancing regulations hong kong

This information was last updated on 3 June 2020.

On 2 June the Hong Kong government announced changes to social distancing restrictions in Hong Kong. They advised the public to expect a “supress and lift” approach to disease prevention measures, meaning restrictions will be eased or increased as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Current restrictions on restaurants will remain in place until at least 31 August. The 8 person limit on social gatherings will be reviewed on 18 June.  Although night clubs, party rooms, fitness rooms and other venues are open there will be specific restrictions on activities deemed to be high risk – namely, live performances, dancing, steam and sauna rooms. There is still no date given for the re-opening of children’s play equipment.

You can read the government press release here:

social distancing regulations hong kong

Travel & Quarantine Restrictions

The ban on non-residents entering Hong Kong has been extended until 18 September, except for visitors from the Mainland, Taiwan and Macau who may enter but are subject to 14-day quarantine. Returning Hong Kong residents are also subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine.

travel restrictions HOng Kong

Re-Opened Beaches

As of 21 May the following beaches were re-opened. Lifeguards will be on duty from 8am-6pm and from 8am-7pm at weekends and public holidays from June to August. There will be limited showering facilities available. All other beaches remain closed – i.e. no lifeguards, no showers.

beaches open in Hong Kong May 2020

Re-Opened Pools

The following public pools re-popened on 21 May, there are some restrictions in place, please check this government press release for more information or call the pool before you go.

swimming pools reopening Hong Kong Covid 19 restrictions



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