Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay Area Guide

Lifestyle guide to Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong. Housing, transport, restaurants, coffee shops, beaches, hikes, days out and more.

16 Jan 2014 — By Jenny Smith / Neighbourhoods
Sai Kung Fishermen
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The Lowdown on Life in Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay

If you are moving to Hong Kong, or considering a move within Hong Kong, then there are always lots of decisions to make before settling on the right area to live.  The great thing about Hong Kong is that there is something for everyone; city life or village, urban or island dweller.  Consider the commute time to the office? Do you have children who need to get to school? What about the weekends? Think about your lifestyle and narrow down your options from there.

The HK HUB has teamed up with long-term Hong Kong resident, Jenny Smith to compile this guide and to give an unparalleled insight into life in Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay. Jenny runs Gecko Yoga, providing fun, fantastic yoga classes for children of all ages, as well as mums-to-be.

Area Key Notes

Sai Kung

Photography: Anna Bowkis


Sai Kung is split into two main areas – Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay. Living in the area is all about escaping the high rise hustle and bustle of Hong Kong yet still within an acceptable commuter distance. There are numerous fantastic beaches and trail walks and it is a water sport enthusiast’s haven. Housing is mainly village house (three floor 2100 sq ft standard) or villas in complexes. There are plenty of buses and the nearest MTR from Hang Hau is a 25 minute ride to Central.


To live in Sai Kung really requires a private car particularly with a family. Public buses and mini buses are available and the MTR is nearby but requires a taxi or bus to get to.


There are various types of housing but they mainly consist of low rise, low density houses. Options include townhouses and villas in complexes with facilities; village houses with terraces and gardens and waterfront and private pool homes. Duplexes and apartments are less common but also available.


Clear Water Bay

  • The Mall at Hang Hau has a large Taste, useful shops including stationers, electrical and clothing stores. Ample parking available.
  • The Po Lam Mall is large and includes H&M and Zara
  • Popcorn Mall in Tseung Kwan O has a cinema
  • In Old Hang Hau, head to TC Deli, which is owned by a Danish guy and has imported fish/meats/cheese/fresh fruit and vegetables. Also bakes fresh bread.
  • Fusion – supermarket with parking on Clear Water Bay Road. There is also a pet shop and dry cleaner in the complex

Sai Kung

  • Fusion at Centro, Chui Tong Road
  • The main supermarket is Wellcome in Sai Kung centre
  • Mushroom bakery – bakes some great bread and rolls
  • Shek Kee Frozen Meat – imported meat at much lower prices than the supermarket.  You need to buy in bulk but the prices and quality make it worth it.

Coffee shops

Head into the centre of Sai Kung where you will find Classified, Ali Oli Café and Jaspas. All next to each other in the main square in Sai Kung with an area out front for the kids to play.

Eating and drinking

Clear Water Bay

  • Old Hang Hau – Lardo’s steakhouse (meat from TC Deli, spit and sawdust type place but a good steak at a reasonable price)/ La Piazza/ Pomodoro Classico’s
  • Po Toi O – authentic fishing village serving Cantonese seafood.. Lamma without the boat ride
  • Hebe One O One – in between CWB and Sai Kung. International food. Pub downstairs, roof terrace, great Sunday roast

Sai Kung

Head into town for:

Other side of Sai Kung

  • Dim Sum – Sha Ha Beach (lovely view from the beach)
  • One ThirtyOne – Alfresco fine dining in a beautiful beachside setting.  There are only 20 diners per sitting and if you really want to splash out there is a helicopter pad if the car is in the garage!
  • Sai Sha Road – Restaurant strip with bright neon lights featuring Thai and local alfresco restaurants.

Medical services

Hospital –Tseung Kwan O hospital is just down the road from Clear Water Bay roundabout and is a full hospital services which includes an A&E.

Doctors – There are plenty of local doctors in Sai Kung/Hang Hau and if you are looking for a western doctors, we suggest OT&P in Razor Hill

Vets – Sai Kung Animal Hospital, Pets Central, Home Vet, Clearwater Bay Animal Hospital

Hair salons/beauticians

  • Nail Bar – Old Hang Hau – Nail House 2719 8718
  • Sense of Touch – Sai Kung town centre & Crowne Plaza Tseung Kwan O
  • Hair by Mike – Silverstrand 2335 5018
  • Tala Hair 
This post is split into multiple pages: 1 / 2

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