Dig into a Meat Feast at Steak Frites

Steak Frites by the Butcher’s Club is the the place to go for a meat fix for those in the know. The TARDIS-like restaurant, in that it’s much larger than the entrance would suggest, has a laid back atmosphere and the red-lit industrial feel. It has the atmosphere of a butcher’s speakeasy, if there were ever a meat prohibition (the horror!) . The decor is simple but strong, just like the food on offer here.

We started off with the ‘Barrel-aged Refashioned’ cocktail, which I was a little wary of. I always think I’ll enjoy an old fashioned but they end up being too bitter. However, the sweet vermouth in this concoction complemented the smoky barrel-aged whiskey perfectly and made it surprisingly refreshing and complimented the meat perfectly. We prepped our stomachs by sampling the bread rolls with beef dripping which was creamy and had an old school British cuisine feel to it.

Next up was the enormous BBQ platter which consists of Dingley Dell pulled pork, grilled baby back ribs and chicken wings in a spicy sauce. The meat was accompanied by grilled corn, coleslaw, blue cheese cream, white bread and chicken salt fries. Did I mention you need to come here with a very hearty appetite? Each item on the platter had its own distinct texture but the sauce brought it together with a spicy kick. The sausage was meaty and juicy whereas the tender and stringy pulled pork had a hint of cinnamon which complimented the heavy savoury flavourings.

It usually takes a lot to impress me when it comes to chicken wings and ribs but I can honestly say that the fall-off-the-bone ribs and citrusy chicken wings with a sesame seed crunch did the job for me. The fluffy fries and crunchy corn balanced out the juicy, chewy barrage of meat nicely. The tang from the blue cheese cream dampened down the spice in a most welcome way. The platter is intended to serve one person but it’s almost enough to share.

As if we could fit any more into our burgeoning stomachs,  we crammed in dessert. Steak Frites offer a range of desserts and my favourite was the dense, cheesy New York cheesecake. The cheesier, the better, in my book. A close second was the lemon pie, with a crumbly and salty biscuit base accompanied by the sweet and sour tang of lemon and cream. The carrot cake was a little disappointing as any cinnamon or nutmeg was untraceable and the icing was lacklustre. However it was still satisfyingly crumbly and enjoyable, just not the spicy and creamy carrot cake I was hoping for.

Overall, the BBQ platter is a great alternative for those who want to try something outside of the standard Steak Frites offering, and is a strong contender among other BBQ offerings in Hong Kong. Just make sure you come here ready to tackle big portions; go big or go home!

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