Table Talk: Pomegranate Kitchen Review

Chef Maria Bizri of Pomegranate Kitchen shares her cooking influences and inspiration.

2 Nov 2015 — By Laura Paul / Reviews
Sophisticated.  Comfortable.  Inviting. These three words could describe the delicious food, atmosphere and/or Head Chef Maria Bizri at the private Pomegranate Kitchen.  Maria has been in Hong Kong fusing Eastern Mediterranean flavours with the exotic spices of the Orient for the last six years.  In 2013 she opened the current location of Pomegranate Kitchen to provide customers and friends a more intimate dining experience tucked away in the heart of Aberdeen’s Wong Chuk Hang.

With a large open terrace, events can have a flexible and tailored experience from cocktails to dining either indoors, outdoors or both.  The Kitchen boasts three spaces.  Downstairs indoors can seat 44, the outdoor terrace can fit 66 and the new upstairs area has a flexible number depending on the size and style of the booking.
A few delicious dishes, amongst an ever growing popular repertoire, include the demi tasse with lentil, fried garlic, cumin and flaky parmesan, red snapper with black lentils touched off with jalapeno salad, pot roast with sherry and sherry vinegar and the decadent, mouth-watering chocolate and salted caramel tart.  Maria incorporates organic food when available, can cater for specific dietary requirements and any other special need.  In true form, each experience showcases the bright, crisp, flavour-packed punch of pomegranate seeds in at least one dish. 
Pomegranate soup
 Pomegranate lamb
 Pomegranate fish


Maria goes on to share, “Cooking to me is an expression of the self and that person’s journey – both actual travels and in life.  Flavour, love, nurturing and a bit of myself go into each dish. For example, I fold into my dishes Mediterranean techniques and spices where cultures have naturally mixed for centuries creating a cross cultural “fusion” that is very evident in the food.   This has happened naturally in my own cooking because I hail from Lebanon but have lived in many parts of Asia including Pakistan, Indonesia and Hong Kong.  Pomegranate is an expression of that ultimately – well travelled food that reflects my roots!”

Private bookings can be made for any day of the week by contacting Pomegranate Kitchen directly.


Tel:  +852 2580 0663

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