Review: Micasadeco & Café, Langham Place

Get yourself some fluffy Japanese pancakes at this new lunch spot in Mong Kok.

20 Sep 2019 — By Catherine Stewart / Food / Restaurants / Reviews / Taste
Japanese pancakes

Micasadeco originated in Osaka, the home of the trend-setting fluffy pancake, and their new Langham Place branch is the first outside Japan. The Instagrammable pancakes are the café’s signature dish, but there’s an extensive menu of other sweet and savoury lunch options on offer too.

The first thing I noticed at Micasadeco was the cute,  cloud-shaped lighting, paired with a pink and white décor theme which is effective at brigtening up the basement setting. The kitchen is somewhat open, meaning you can peer in and watch the chefs preparing the unique fluffy pancakes if you’d like to.

pancakes at micasadeco cafe

Ricotta cheese & matcha pancakes

The pancakes are undoubtedly the star of the show here. They’re made using eggs, flour and milk imported from Japan, and it’s the whisked egg whites that create the extremely fluffy consistency (think 3 or 4 times puffier than a typical American pancake). We tried the ricotta cheese pancake first. This stack of 3 pancakes with melting butter on top looks very tempting, and is served with maple syrup and rich whipped cream made using Hokkaido milk. The texture is very light and airy, the taste of the plain pancake was somewhat eggy but when paired with the cream and maple syrup the overall taste experience was very pleasant, although not much ricotta cheese flavour came through.

We also tried the matcha pancake. This is also a fluffy style pancake, this time with matcha powder sprinkled into the mixture. Matcha lovers will enjoy this, and the strong flavour of the matcha means no eggy taste. If you like a little sweetness alongside the bitter matcha flavour then you’ll enjoy the sweet cream and red bean paste accompaniments.

brown rice bowl and spaghetti at micasadeco

brown rice bowl and all’arrabiata Kyoto style

The pancake stacks would be a meal in themselves for most lunch-goers, but if pancakes are not your thing then there are plenty of other options. We enjoyed the brown rice Japanese bowl with Mentaiko. The bowl of brown rice, fish balls, lotus and pumpkin is served with a cute teapot of tasty soup stock to pour over and a small side of egg omelette. The presentation was charming, the flavours were subtle but delicious, so this a great choice for a nutritious lunch. Meanwhile the all’arrabiata Kyoto style is spaghetti cooked very soft and served with eggplants, fresh seafood and saffron. The sauce was plentiful and lightly spiced, and this was an enjoyable small dish for a light lunch.

Of course no café visit is complete without coffee and there’s an extensive range of hot and iced coffee and other soft drinks available to suit the lunchtime crowd here.

The Verdict

Pleasant environment and reasonably priced. The Japanese pancakes are fun and cute, so this place is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.


Micasadeco, Shop B2 26-27, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok


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