The One-Stop Online Grocer You Need to Know About

Eat The Kiwi makes it easy to buy produce with a shorter time between farm and plate

24 Aug 2020 — By Nancy Matos / Lifestyle / Shopping / Taste
Eat the Kiwi Grocery Box

Get ready to Eat The Kiwi, an international online grocer bringing high-quality products fresh from New Zealand to Hong Kong. With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging, you can stock your pantry with a healthy conscience, even families on a budget. Find out why locals are happily getting a taste.

The Online Grocer Hong Kongers are Raving About

Apples being picked in NZ Apple orchard

The founders of the New Zealand-based The Produce Company, the award-winning food service business, have brought their top-of-the-line ingredients to Hong Kong. And we are luckier for it.

Eat The Kiwi, with outfits in Shanghai and Samoa in addition to Hong Kong, only sells food directly sourced from New Zealand farmers and producers, and despite the distance, vegetables are flown in fresh weekly. Eat The Kiwi makes it easy to buy produce with a shorter time between farm and plate, something people are looking for more and more.

“Going straight to the source means we know exactly where and who our food comes from,” says Rebekah Bradley, Marketing Director of Eat The Kiwi. “We work directly with all of our suppliers, meaning we can offer high-quality products at great prices to our customers.”

Fresh New Zealand Produce Direct from Farm to Plate

Te Mana Lamb being plated at Michelin Starred restaurant Octavium

Te Mana Lamb being plated at Michelin Starred restaurant, Octavium. Their ingredients are used on menus across more than 200 top restaurants and hotels in HK

The company has strong relationships with their supply partners, a group of trusted producers and growers that supply an extensive range of products to the world’s best chefs. The aim at first was to offer fresh New Zealand ingredients only to top Hong Kong restaurants and hotels, but the plan soon changed.

“We landed in Hong Kong in 2015 and for the first two years, we only dealt with restaurants and hotels. But we soon found out that people were eager to access our naturally good food in their own homes too,” explains Rebekah.

A One-Stop Online Shop with Much to Offer

Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Restaurant-Quality Meat

Bostick Brothers Chicken

Bostock Brothers Free-Range Organic Chicken Farm where the chickens live underneath the Bostock Brothers organic apples trees. Free range, hormone free, antibiotic free and organic.

This naturally good food consists of a wide range of goods, from hormone-free meat to sustainably farmed eggs raised in the natural outdoors. Amateur and skilled chefs can rest assured that the meal they’ll be whipping up at home will be made with ingredients that are fresh, safe and especially unique.

Pantry Staples and Dairy

There’s more than just produce and meat at Eat The Kiwi’s online store – you can fill your entire fridge, freezer and cupboards with over 350 carefully chosen, premium New Zealand products, including wonderfully fresh dairy, seafood and pantry staples.

Ready to Eat Meals

JUK Ready to Eat Meals

JUK Ready to Eat Meals

There’s also the godsend every busy family loves: ready meals, but these you can serve without the guilt. JUK (Jess’ Underground Kitchen) frozen meals are handmade with care in small batches with real ingredients, just like you would make at home. But if you prefer to do the mixing yourself, opt for a recipe kit, including the premium range Te Mana New Zealand lamb with seasonings and veg, plus vegan or gluten-free cake kits for dessert.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Tacos made using their plant based mince from food nation

Tacos made using plant-based mince from Food Nation

Another favourite of online shoppers is the plant-based range on offer, particularly with vegans and dairy-free eaters. Click away and have vegan sausages, mince or dairy-free yoghurt at your doorstep, hassle-free. When it’s time to clean-up, Eat The Kiwi also has you covered with environmentally-friendly cleaners, dishwash, soap and more.

Convenient Home Delivery

Eat the Kiwi Delivery

Locals can also enjoy next-day delivery (just order by 10am the day before), with free shipping on orders over $1000, so dinner can be ready on the table without the stress of a crowded grocery store visit. While being a major convenience for those without transport, it’s also a much-desired option during these times when we should stay at home more. Chefs can benefit too, as business deliveries are also available.

Leading the Way with Cool Packaging

wool cool packaging

Wool Cool Packaging

Most of us have a reusable shopping bag tucked away when we head out the door, and with an increasing global movement of using less plastic, how we do our shopping is just as important as where we do it. How refreshing to know, then, that Eat The Kiwi delivers your online grocery shopping fresh to your doorstep in recyclable boxes. No plastic punnets or cling film here – expect your fruit and vegetables to be packed loose.

“Because we buy in bulk, our packaging is minimal. We avoid plastic, using recyclable cardboard boxes to deliver in. When possible, we pack our goods loose and use paper bags where this is not possible,” explains Rebekah.

The inner packaging is even biodegradable, with 100% NZ sheep’s wool insulation lining the boxes. The “Woolcool” keeps the contents of the box below 5 degrees for up to 10 hours from delivery, ensuring everything stays frozen and chilled, so you don’t need to wait at home to accept the order.

Best of all? Woolcool is biodegradable and compostable – you can pop it in the garden and it will naturally break down into soil over time. However, if like most Hong Kongers, a garden is more a dream than a reality, not to worry.  Just dispose of the Woolcool as usual, as it will become soil in a regular landfill too, or simply return it to your delivery person and Eat The Kiwi will sanitise and reuse it.

Looks like eating and shopping green just got easier. Order today for your first home delivery of Kiwi goodness across Hong Kong.


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