Awaken your culinary senses with TOWN’s seasonal white truffle tasting menu

We are getting into the holiday spirit by trying TOWN’s new ‘winter truffle’ seasonal menu.

22 Nov 2018 — By Hira Desai / Reviews / Taste
TOWN Review

Tucked away from the hectic crowds and hubbub of Causeway Bay on the 10th floor of the Cubus building, TOWN is an upmarket restaurant designed with the concept that food should have no boundaries.

Helmed by celebrity chef Bryan Nagao, the creative dishes blend together the innovative flavours of Japanese, Italian and French cuisines.

The chic dining room features sleek décor and feels cosy but intimate, thanks to the warm dimmed lighting. On offer are two menus; a la carte and a seasonal tasting menu with the option of wine pairing.

This month’s seasonal ingredient is the elusive Alba white truffle of Piedmont, Italy, touted as “the diamond of the kitchen”. As one of the most desired ingredients in the world, I was very curious to check it out and so, opted for the seasonal tasting menu.

earts of Palm, Burrata, Endive and Rhubarb

Hearts of Palm, Burrata, Endive and Rhubarb

First up was the Hearts of Palm, Burrata, Endive and Rhubarb. Beautifully presented and refreshingly light on the palate, I quickly devoured it before taking a sip of the crisp Extra Dry ‘Verv’ Andreola Prosecco.

Tagliolini with Alba White Truffle

Tagliolini with Alba White Truffle

Next up was the Tagliolini with Alba White Truffle. The homemade pasta was topped with a generous portion of premium Alba Truffle shavings, which oozed a pungent and musky aroma. The sumptuous winter truffle tasted woody and earthy against the heady warm pasta.

Challan Chicken

Challan Chicken


Colorado Lamb Rack

Colorado Lamb Rack

If you’ve got a hankering for a deeply satisfying protein-fix, don’t miss the Challans Chicken “Black Leg” Satoimo, Alba Truffle, Onion Jus. Made with prized organic poultry raised on the fields of France, the dark meat is tender and distinctive with a perfect balance of rich onion and earthy truffle flavours. Alternatively, opt for the ‘Colorado’ Lamb Rack with miso-blue cheese, artichoke and sweet potato. The tender meat is packed with mouth-watering flavours while the smooth sweet potato is heavenly when paired with the blue-miso sauce.

Truffle Ice Cream

Truffle Ice Cream with shaved Alba Truffle

To end the culinary adventure, we finished up with Truffle Ice Cream with shaved Alba Truffle. Creamy, indulgent and distinctive, I was truly surprised that a flavour I have only ever enjoyed in a savoury dish would work magnificently well served as an ice cream.

Verdict: The décor is stylish and comfortable, the music is on-trend and the food offers a fusion of diverse flavours that will awaken the culinary senses. Paired with spectacular wine, a dining experience at TOWN will leave you well and truly satisfied.

Where:  10/F Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay


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