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Multi-award-winning Australian born health-conscious family entrepreneur Emma Pike understands the benefits of eating healthily ethically produced meats, seafood and fish. Growing up in the countryside, she understood the importance of a healthy and traceable supply chain.

As a result, all of Farmer’s Market’s meat products are naturally farmed without hormones or antibiotics and we can guarantee that your palate will love it!

The healthy pledge

Farmer’s Market is committed to providing you with naturally and sustainably farmed products by delivering a transparent supply chain from the farm gate to your plate.  As a mother, Emma Pike wants to provide the healthiest food for her children free of any hormones, antibiotics and cruelty. Deemed the best online butcher in Hong Kong, Pike delivers restaurant-grade meats and seafood directly to your door under strict temperature controls for perfect freshness.

Since the early 1940s, farmers have used antibiotics in animal feed to stop the growth of many forms of bacteria. Interestingly, the World Health Organisation states that “about half of the current antibiotic production is used in agriculture to prevent disease and increase weight gain and the efficiency of feed utilisation. However, the use of hormones and antibiotics in animal feed can leave substantial residue in products such as meat and milk.”

Thus, whilst antibiotics can have a place in animal care, the overuse of antibiotics can pose a risk to public health. Farmer’s Market understands the importance of ethical, naturally farmed meat and seafood and wants to offer the healthiest products to their customers in Hong Kong at a cost-effective price.

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A cut above the rest

Since 2016, Farmer’s Market has been delivering exceptionally fresh 100% grass-fed beef and lamb from the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales in Australia, the freshest sustainably farmed salmon from Huon in Tasmania, chicken and pork from Melbourne, Australia.

striploin sirloin beef steak
whole fresh salmon fillet

Farmer’s Market’s team works with their suppliers to continually find new and innovative ways to farm in ethical and natural ways. Because the farmers feed the animals as nature intended, the environment and their well-being are cared for during the farming process : the grass-fed beef and lamb, sustainably farmed salmon, hormone-free chicken, and other genuine free-range meats are flavoursome and tender.

Delicious succulent cuts of fresh and frozen meats are delivered to your door for everyday dietary staples such as lean minced beef, sausages, steaks, chicken breasts and wings, favourite pork and lamb cuts. For special occasions, they offer premium wagyu, fresh whole salmon, and endless offerings of seafood. In addition, Pike has partnered with fine wine and beer merchants so that you can pair your favourite dish for an unforgettable meal.

Farmer’s Market website is full of delicious recipes found by Emma Pike and approved by her children and provide nourishing, well-balanced meals for your family.

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