Another month, another eating and drinking marathon. Don’t you get fat I hear you say? Yes, yes I do, which is why I am taking a month off next month to try and burn it all off before the madness of Christmas hits. So here’s where you should all be eating and drinking in November courtesy of my expanding waist band.

Where to Eat

Hungry Lobster

lobster roll at The Hungry Lobster
Lobster Roll

Who doesn’t love lobster and steak here in Hong Kong? OK, maybe vegetarians, but everyone else is jumping at this latest crave, and they guys over at Hungry Lobster know it! The seafood at this new hip restaurant in V Point, Causeway Bay, is sourced straight from the fisherman, sent to Hong Kong and delivered to Hungry Lobster while it’s still alive. That’s pretty fresh. Try the set menu of Lobster Soup, Lobster Roll, Diced Steak, and Fresh Juice and chow down on a Wednesday night before you hit the races. Lobster Salad is also there for when you’re feeling full, but come on, go hungry and leave when you physically can’t put any more lobster goodness in your mouth.Trust me, this is what Causeway Bay is all about.

Shop 3, 2 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay,  9330 5378

Aberdeen Street

salad at aberdeen street

Not to be mistaken for Jason Atherton’s Aberdeen Street Social, this reasonably unknown restaurant on the upper part of Aberdeen Street has got some of the best salads in town, and you guys have to know about it, you have to know about the sheer size of their salads! Named after some of our best loved streets in HK, their salads are served in bowls bigger than your head and crammed full of goodness. My favourite is Staunton Street; avocado, asparagus, egg sunny side up, mushroom, soya, Basmati rice and mixed salad. The downside? The price tag. $135. How about a discount if you actually live on the street of the salad you order?

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Aberdeen Street, UG/F King Ho Building, 41-49 Aberdeen Street, Central, 2546 5833


ON Dining Kitchen and Lounge

afternoon tea at ON Dining
Afternoon Tea Set at ON Dining

A firm favourite of many, ON Dining is keeping things fresh this month by launching its first ever afternoon tea. Ambitious dishes include crab meal tartlet with lemon yogurt and classics like homemade scones and egg sandwiches. A strong contender in the afternoon tea steaks, especially around Central, but I have to admit though, I was expecting cheese. A lot of cheese, after all we are talking about the cheese King Philipe Orrico here, however there wasn’t a slice in sight. But there was champagne. So I’ll forgive him for that.

29/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, 2174 8100


Where to Drink

The Iron Fairies

interior of The Iron Fairies
The Iron Fairies

Possibly the most talked about bar over the last few months, Iron Fairies has been hot on everyone’s lips, and it’s proven a tough job to get into. Does Hong Kong need another ‘hidden’ bar, does it need another “who’s who” of the F&B industry place to hangout? It seems like it does. Oh, Hong Kong, you never go stale. Ashely Sutton is the brains behind Ophelia in Wan Chai, Iron Fairies in Bangkok, Tokyo and New York and now adds Hong Kong to his empire. There’s no denying the interior design is something special. With thousands of (real) butterflies hanging from the ceiling, iron fairies scattered around and 12,000 bottles of ‘fairy dust’ around the bar, you certainly feel like you’ve stepped into another world. I went for the drinks, but ending up giving in to the burger, and the pork knuckle. Wednesday nights do this to you. First of all the burger; YES. So much yes. Secondly the cocktails: creative and original, bursting with flavours and hidden twists. Go with the Pink Tako, a mix of house-infused cranberry gin with homemade cranberry cordial, egg, and yuzu, garnished with a piece of dried octopus?!

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Secret… (Joking) B/F, 1 Hollywood Road, Central right next to the J Boroski Bar!



drinks at Zuma
Cocktail Blending System at Zuma

Okay, so Zuma is an old favourite. Zuma has always been a solid option for brunch, but this time I went to try something different; the first ever evolving cocktail system in Asia! This ‘blending system’ goes from the first American oak barrell to the last (4th) creating the perefct cocktail at the end. Each barrell contains a different flavour and seasoning and is unique to each city/country. Hong Kong’s flavours are: Szechuan and pink peppercorns, fennel seeds and duck fat, with Zacapa’s premium rum. Tasting and looking like a negorini yet with subtle flavours and an nostalgic twist, I was hooked on first sip.

Levels 5 & 6, Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road, Central


Ozone Bar

Ozone Bar

Ozone Bar, is said to be the ‘highest bar in the world’ and flies above the clouds in the Ritz Carlton. There is nothing about it that doesn’t scream fancy. So when you have friends in town, take them up there, all 118 floors up there. Designed by Tokyo-based interior designer Masamichi Katayama, Ozone pushes the edges of Hong Kong urban night scene, and is certainly a night you’ll remember. But let’s be honest, it’s all about the views, while the cocktails are OK, the price tag certainly IS NOT. Bring your plastic.

Elements, International Commerce Centre (ICC), 1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon


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Hazel & Hershey

Hazel and Hershey coffee bar
Hazel & Hershey

As a self proclaimed coffee addict, I like to think I know where to go and find some of the best beans in Hong Kong, but that is of course, if coffee shops stop opening and closing at the rate they do. A spot I’ve been drawn to a few too many times recently is Hazel & Hershey. It may be one of the only coffee shops I know at the moment that are happy with us digital lot tapping away on our Apple Mac’s all afternoon and consuming pots of the black gold as we go. And what I mean by that is they won’t give you a funny look if you’ve only ordered one cup of coffee the whole 8 hours you’ve been there. Start-up heaven.

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Shop 3, 69 Peel Street, Central


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Sarah is a 27 year old professional world wanderer. Four years ago, she left the UK and everything that offered security and routine in exchange for a life of constant excitement and adventure. Through working as a Scuba Dive Instructor, freelance writer and running her blog she now leads a life as a full time digital nomad. Based in Hong Kong you will most likely bump into her typing away on her laptop in one of the city’s latest coffee shops.

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