On the evening of June 14, Hongkongers can witness a unique sight in the city skies:a Strawberry Supermoon. This is a combination of two events. The first is the annual Strawberry Moon, which is the term used to describe the full moon closest in timing to the summer solstice on June 21. The second is the June 2022 supermoon, which is when the full moon will coincide with the satellite’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit, known as the perigee.

A supermoon is typically bigger and brighter than a full moon, though the difference in size is hard to tell with the naked eye. The June 14 supermoon will be at a distance of 357,658 km from Earth and will rise at 7:52 pm, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

Despite its name, a Strawberry Moon is not actually pink or red. It is named after the strawberry-picking season in parts of North America, as it coincides with this event. However, it may have a reddish tinge when it is rising and setting.

Where are the best places to view the Strawberry Supermoon?

If you want to glimpse this full moon amid Hong Kong’s iconic skyline, there are a couple of easy-to-reach places where you can catch this astronomical event. However, if you want a light pollution-free and unobstructed view of the Strawberry Supermoon, you can head to more secluded spots. Here are some places we recommend, depending on which part of the city you prefer:

  • Hong Kong Island: If you want a relatively central location, head to the island’s highest elevation: Victoria Peak. But if you prefer to experience the supermoon in quieter spots, venture out to Cape D’Aguilar in Shek O.
  • Kowloon: Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park is a wide, open space near the bustling heart of the peninsula that’s clear of obstructions since it is on the site of a former runway. You can catch break-taking views of the moon over Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island from here.
  • New Territories: If you want to combine your moongazing trip with activities like picnicking or hiking, head to NT spots like Tap Mun (also called Grass Island) near Sai Kung or Tai Au Mun in the Clear Water Bay Country Park.
  • Islands District: Your options here are the SAR’s southernmost island, Po Toi, or Lo Kei Wan in the southern part of Lantau Island.
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The next supermoon visible in Hong Kong will be on July 14, starting at 2:38 am. This will be larger than the one on June 14 as the moon will be approximately 240 km closer to Earth than it will be next week.

Header image credits: Iván Muñoz García via Canva

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