Share Your Stories With The HK HUB

The HK HUB is one of the main lifestyle platforms in Hong Kong, which tackles various topics, including current events, food, culture, restaurants and bars, parenting, education, entertainment, travel, and wellness.

Contributors who are interested in sharing a story can submit an article, and if it meets our editorial guidelines, we will publish it free of charge.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for interesting and actionable stories that would engage our audience. The following types of articles have higher chances of being approved and published:

  • Opinions and stories : Articles that explain a point-of-view about an experience you had, a news item, a social issue, or an environmental topic that you would like to share.
  • Guides : Articles that would describe a place or an activity that you enjoyed visiting or doing.
  • Checklists and how-tos : Articles that would explain tips to readers, using a step-by-step format.

What are our guidelines?

Before submitting your article, please read through our guidelines:

  • Articles shall not be promotional. If you need to promote a product, service, or event, or want to use The HK HUB for SEO purposes (external links are nofollowed), please visit our Advertising page.
  • Articles should be written by you, with your own style and tone.
  • Articles shall be unique to The HK HUB and not published elsewhere.
  • Articles should not compete with existing articles that have been published in The HK HUB.
  • Articles should be related to Hong Kong, as Hongkongers represent 80%+ of our monthly audience.
  • Articles should have a minimum of 400 words for opinion pieces and stories and 800 words for guides, checklists and how-tos.
  • Articles must be well formatted. Articles with typos, bad grammar or inconsistent writing will be rejected. Articles that are divided using paragraphs and/or bullet lists are appreciated, if necessary.
  • Articles must have relevant images that are copyright-free.
  • Articles must comply with Hong Kong law and shall not be controversial.

The HK HUB reserves the right to edit articles before publishing them without altering the main idea.

What will you receive?

Articles that are published in The HK HUB are not remunerated, however, they will be:

  • Permanently posted on our website, unless the content becomes outdated at some point.
  • Shared in our weekly newsletter to over 6,500 subscribers.
  • Posted in our Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram, if relevant) to guarantee more exposure.

Articles will also contain an author box at the bottom with your own information and links (to your website or LinkedIn profile, for instance).

What is the process?

Pitch us your idea with a brief introduction about the content you would like to share and article structure, and we will get back to you. You will receive feedback within 2 working days. Spammy messages will be ignored.

Header image credits: Patrick Fore via Unsplash