Hong Kong’s hippest restaurants, bars, salons and gyms are backing #Ittasteslikelove – a new campaign to normalise breastfeeding in the city – and pledging that nursing mothers will be welcome and supported in their establishments or using their services.

According to UNICEF, 40% of women who breastfeed in public endure complaints or unpleasant experiences in Hong Kong, many have been asked to cover up or directed to the toilet or told to move somewhere more discreet.

Breastfeeding-friendly cafes & restaurants in HK

Now, in a bid to tackle the prejudice and discrimination many women face simply for feeding their child, Pret A Manger and Caffe Habitu are the latest in a long list of the city’s businesses showing their support.

“Breastfeeding is a very natural thing which should not be discriminated in our society. Pret is very proud to be part of the @Ittasteslikelove campaign and fully support normalising breastfeeding in Hong Kong. We are pleased to offer a safe, secure, comfortable and supportive environment for nursing mothers to feel free to breastfeed her child.” says Yumi Li, Commercial Director (Asia) at Pret A Manger

Spicebox Organics, MANA!, Spasso, DiVinio Patio, Le Rêve, hEat, Whisky & Words, Nhau, Elephant Grounds, Frites, and Hemingways are also backing the campaign. Plus restaurant groups Maximal Concepts (whose venues include Sip Song, Limewood and Brickhouse) and Black Sheep Concepts (whose eateries include Carbone, Burger Circus and New Punjab Club) are joining the campaign to support nursing mums in Hong Kong.

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“We absolutely support this campaign and want all nursing mothers to feel totally comfortable caring for their children in our restaurants. It’s such an important message to get across and the stigma definitely needs to change in Hong Kong,” says Malcolm Wood, Global Managing Director of Maximal Concepts.

Other Hong Kong businesses backing the #ittasteslikelove campaign

Besides restaurants, family members’ club Maggie & Rose are also backing the campaign across their venues and so too are Baumhaus children’s education and play centres.

Healthcare provider OT & P, which has subsumed Annerley, The Midwives Clinics, is welcoming nursing mothers – regardless of if they are clients or not. Gyms such as Kapuhala space, and exercise gurus including Ziggy FitMama, and Kristen Handford Personal Trainer, are also pledging their support.

Hugely popular Central salon, Glow Spa, is welcoming all nursing and pumping mothers – regardless of if you have an appointment, to pop by if you need a break or a safe space to nurse or pump.

Hong Kong’s future as a breastfeeding-friendly city

Liz Thomas, the founder of the #Ittasteslikelove campaign, explains: “The aim is simply for mothers to be able to breastfeed, however, wherever, and whenever they need. That they should do so free from harassment and disapproval, should be the bare minimum expected of a civilized city, but we want to encourage the community to make sure parents feel encouraged, at ease, and welcome, rather than shamed or treated with contempt.”

“Having these brilliant restaurants and cafes support the campaign is important not just so that families know where they are in safe hands, but also for the broader message that breastfeeding, which is the biological norm, is not something that to be hidden away.”

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Thomas plans to extend the #Ittasteslikelove citywide and encourages lifestyle groups, gyms, salons, and shops to all join the campaign.

Most places involved will have #Ittasteslikelove cards on the door, by the till, or online to indicate their support, and some will have discretionary special offers such as complimentary drinks or cookies to emphasise that parents are still valued customers. The restaurants have all committed to ensuring staff understand the campaign and discussed how they can help nursing mothers feel at ease.

Learn more

You can connect with the #ittasteslikelove campaign through Facebook, Instagram or their Website.


Featured image credit: Rosalia Sempere Pico, RSP Photography

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