How do you like your coffee? If you're intrigued by the different types and blends of coffees and like to experiment coffee making techniques then you're going to love the 'haute couture' coffee experience and KOFFEE MAMEYA.
5 Oct 2020 / Taste
Who are you going to take to Friday free flow Frunch?
10 Sep 2020 / Restaurants / Taste
For the past year, the food and beverage industry, which once thrived in Hong Kong, has been hit with set back after set back. Bars and restaurants are now being closed by the hundreds. Many livelihoods being severely impacted, with no end in sight. The Save Hong Kong FnB alliance is taking a powerful stance …
8 Sep 2020 / Taste


Delicious brunches offering free-flowing alcohol are a favourite weekend indulgence. Here's our pick of the best free-flow brunches in Hong Kong to suit all budgets (including fantastic family-friendly options).
23 Jul 2020 / Food / Restaurants / Taste

Who's ready to play chef and enjoy an indulgent steak dinner at home?
16 Apr 2020 / Food / Restaurants / Taste
Skip the supermarket frustrations and try some of these excellent shops and online stores offering all kinds of gourmet groceries.
27 Mar 2020 / Shopping / Taste
Step this way if you're ready to meet Miss Lee.
5 Mar 2020 / Restaurants / Reviews / Taste
Satisfy your noodle cravings with this new delivery-only noodle offering.
5 Mar 2020 / Taste
Discover the best new bars and restaurants, pop-ups and exciting menus around Hong Kong.
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Top vegetarian chefs will battle it out with their most tantalizing vegetarian creations at this 4-night pop-up in March.
20 Feb 2020 / Food / Restaurants / Taste
Don't miss these fantastic dim sum deals at Yat Tung Heen this February.
19 Feb 2020 / Food / Restaurants / Taste
Discover the best new bars and restaurants, pop-ups and exciting menus around Hong Kong.
5 Feb 2020 / Drink / Food / Restaurants / Taste
These restaurants know the way to our hearts.
30 Jan 2020 / Restaurants / Taste
Those fun and festive nights are behind us and Dry January is in full swing, but we don’t see that as a reason for our social lives to suffer. Instead, we are embracing the non-alcoholic beverage with open arms and can see it definitely becoming a trend that lasts far beyond the end of the month.
22 Jan 2020 / Drink / Taste / Wellness