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Ocean Park is proud to present the Ocean Park X Father of Gundam Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition – Hong Kong, an incredible showcase of the revolutionary works of legendary mechanical designer Kunio Okawara. From April 1 to June 4, 2023, step into the indoor Okawara Kunio Mech Design Base and witness an extraordinary collection of mecha statues, sketches and designs, including the 4-metre tall Gundam Seed Strike Freedom and the OKAWARA_SMURF figure, showing for the first time in Hong Kong.

The ultimate mecha exhibition

Be part of the monumental 50th anniversary of legendary mechanical designer Kunio Okawara’s pioneering works with an unforgettable adventure at Ocean Park. From the globally-acclaimed Yatterman and The King of Braves GaoGaiGar to the iconic Gundam series and many other ground-breaking designs, this exhibition is a not-to-be-missed for all fans of mecha created by Kunio Okawara.

Step into the indoor Okawara Kunio Mech Design Base and prepare to be captivated by an incredible collection of mecha statues, sketches and designs, including the 4-metre tall Gundam Seed Strike Freedom, and the OKAWARA_SMURF figure never before seen in Hong Kong.

Apart from gigantic figures, this exhibition also features Okawara’s authentic works which are being displayed for the first time in Hong Kong, including a specially commissioned illustration G Gundam and a set of four incredible mecha illustrations. These unique and extraordinary works are guaranteed to turn Ocean Park into an ultimate playground for mecha enthusiasts and anime fans.

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Other than the main hall, get ready to be blown away by the awe-inspiring world of mecha, as the gigantic RX-78-2 Gundam and numbers of MS-06F Zaku II displays will take over the Waterfront Plaza, fusing seamlessly with the stunning natural beauty of Hong Kong’s favourite Park.

Exhibition-limited Souvenirs for the fans

ocean park gundam exhibition souvenirs
Limited-edition souvenirs available at the exhibition

Fans can take home with a stunning array of exhibition-limited souvenirs available only at the exhibition, such as the limited edition tourbillon watches based on Okawara’s signature Yatter-wan and G Gundam design (limited 100 set per design), commemorative Octopus set (limited 1,000 sets), collectable metal card set (limited 200 sets) and more. Three Okawara Kunio-themed Mobile Octopus card images can be downloaded at the exhibition to make every tap more fun!

Event details

Date:April 1 – June 4, 2023
Venue:Ocean Park, Hong Kong
Tickets:HK$448 for adult or child. Package includes access to the exhibition and other attractions, rides and facilities at Ocean Park
Tips:If you’re an Ocean Park InFUNity Entry Pass holder, you can get a top up value of HK$200 for the exhibition ticket

Image credits: Courtesy Ocean Park Corporation

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