If you’re an outdoors person, but have done the rounds of hikes and cycling trails in the city, we suggest trying something a little more laidback. Head to any one of Hong Kong’s organic farms from December until April where you can pick strawberries to take home. Some of these farms also have other attractions, like petting zoos, playgrounds, and horse-riding. Since strawberries are seasonal, we recommend calling ahead to check how good the harvest is before you set out.

Tai Tong Organic EcoPark — Yuen Long

Tai Tong Organic EcoPark has the sweet Japanese variety of strawberry.
Tai Tong Organic EcoPark has the sweet Japanese variety of strawberry (© Tai Tong Organic Ecopark)

This all-in-one fun family destination is a popular spot for strawberry-picking when the season comes around, and you can eat as you go. You can also take your bounty home, but remember you have to pay for it by weight. Check out their other offerings, which include horse-riding, summertime lychee-picking sessions, and a petting zoo.

11 Tai Tong Shan Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong | +852 2470 2201

Kam Tin Country Park — Kam Tin

A young child walks across a strawberry field at Kam Tin Country Park. She’s holding a pair of scissors in one hand and a basket in the other.
Make a family outing out of strawberry-picking at Kam Tin Country Park (© dominic_siupakho via Flickr)

Kam Tin Country Park’s 10,000 square feet of fields gives visitors a chance to choose from a wide variety of strawberries — from nearby Korea to faraway France. If you’ve brought kids along for your outing, they can burn off any excess energy at the club’s playground, archery range, and petting farm. There are also other sporting activities and war games available for the truly adventurous.

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30 Tin Mei Mei Estate, Kam Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong | +852 5132 5131

Long Ping Strawberry Farm — Yuen Long

A pink basket full of Japanese strawberries picked at Long Ping Strawberry Farm.
Fill your basket with Japanese strawberries at Long Ping Strawberry Farm (© Long Ping Strawberry Farm)

Winter is a great time to head here as you can choose between filling your basket with Japanese strawberries or grapes (which you can pick between September and January). Entry to the farm is free and you only pay for what you pick. Bonus: There are goats and lambs that kids can pet and feed.

DD117, Lots 500 & 501, Section A, Tai Tong Village, Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong | +852 9251 8926

Living Farm — Tai Po

A bright, red strawberry in a basket, from Living Farm.
Grow your own strawberries at Living Farm (© Living Farm)

At Living Farm, you can rent a plot of land and grow organic produce, including strawberries. You could make trips to the farm to tend to your plot — don’t worry, the farm will provide you with all the tools, soil, seeds and fertiliser — or ask the staff to do it for you. If you’re new to organic farming, you can take the farm’s four-session course that covers soil and water management, seedling care, nurturing and fertilising, the essentials of bird and pest control, as well as harvesting and arrangements for changing seasons.

199 Tai Hang Tsuen, Tai Wo Service Road West, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong | +852 6999 8006

Law’s Strawberry Farm — Yuen Long

A child’s hands holding one plump strawberry each, picked at Law’s Strawberry Farm.
Get plump strawberries at Law’s Strawberry Farm (© Law’s Strawberry Farm)

Looking for a strawberry farm with free entry, untimed picking sessions, and no minimum spend? Then head to Law’s. And if you decide that you’d like to grow your own strawberries, you can go home with a plant and great advice from the staff on the farm about how to look after it.

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Pak Sha Village, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong | +852 2429 1977

Fruitful Organic Farm — Yuen Long

A child picks strawberries at Fruitful Organic Farm.
People who participate in guided tours at Fruitful Organic Farm can pick the produce after they’re done (© Fruitful Organic Farm Strawberry Farm)

Get ready to roll up your sleeves, pick up a hoe, and learn the basics of organic farming at Fruitful Organic Farm. Take part in their two-hour-long guided tours for various kinds of produce, including strawberries, watermelons, lettuce, water spinach, tomatoes, and ginger. Learn about food waste utilisation, organic farming, and tilling the soil. Once you’re done, you can pick and purchase the produce of your choice. Remember, the minimum number of people per group is 10. If you’re serious about growing your own food, you can rent farmland here for a minimum of four months.

Sipai Shek Village, Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long, New Territories | +852 9478 7797

Header image credits: dominic_siupakho via Flickr

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