There are a number of statutory holidays, also known as public holidays, in Hong Kong designed to celebrate important events and festivals. Each year, the government takes note of which of these holidays fall on the weekend. When one does, they usually designate a weekday (usually the first Monday following the holiday) as a public holiday to make up for the lack of day off.

For example, the Employee’s Ordinance states that when the first, second, or third day of the Lunar New Year falls on a Sunday, the fourth day of the new year is designated as a statutory holiday.

Public holidays in 2023

In 2023, Hongkongers can enjoy eight long weekends.

2 January 2023 (Mon)The day after New Year’s Day (three-day weekend)
23 January 2023 (Mon)The 2nd day of Lunar New Year (five-day weekend)
24 January 2023 (Tues)The 3rd day of Lunar New Year
25 January 2023 (Wed)The 4th day of Lunar New Year
5 April 2023 (Wed)Ching Ming Festival
7 April 2023 (Fri)Good Friday (four-day weekend)
8 April 2023 (Sat)The day following Good Friday
10 April 2023 (Mon)Easter Monday
1 May 2023 (Mon)Labour Day (three-day weekend)
26 May 2023 (Fri)The Birthday of Buddha (three-day weekend)
22 June 2023 (Thur)Dragon Boat Festival or Tuen Ng Festival
1 July 2023 (Sat)HKSAR Establishment Day
30 September 2023 (Sat)The day following Mid-Autumn Festival
2 October 2023 (Mon)The day following National Day (three-day weekend)
23 October 2023 (Mon)Chung Yeung Festival (three-day weekend)
25 December 2023 (Mon)Christmas Day (four-day weekend)
26 December 2023 (Tues)The first weekday after Christmas Day

Public holidays in 2024

In 2024, Hongkongers can enjoy six long weekends.

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1 January 2024 (Mon)New Year’s Day (three-day weekend)
10 February 2024 (Sat)Lunar New Year (four-day weekend)
12 February 2024 (Mon)The 3rd day of Lunar New Year
13 February 2024 (Tues)The 4th day of Lunar New Year
29 March 2024 (Fri)Good Friday (four-day weekend)
30 March 2024 (Sat)The day following Good Friday
1 April 2024 (Mon)Easter Monday
4 April 2024 (Thur)Ching Ming Festival
1 May 2024 (Wed)Labour Day
15 May 2024 (Wed)The Birthday of Buddha
10 June 2024 (Mon)Dragon Boat Festival or Tuen Ng Festival (three-day weekend)
1 July 2024 (Mon)HKSAR Establishment Day (three-day weekend)
18 September 2024 (Wed)The day following Mid-Autumn Festival
1 October 2024 (Tue)National Day
11 October 2024 (Fri)Chung Yeung Festival (three-day weekend)
25 December 2024 (Wed)Christmas Day
26 December 2024 (Thur)The first weekday after Christmas Day

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