Located on Sugar Street in Causeway Bay, the new one-stop commercial complex, Sugar+, is a new and innovative vertical integration concept that combines high-end dining and lifestyle experiences. The brand aims at revitalising the cultural and life experiences of the area, regenerate and rejuvenate Sugar Street, and stimulate development of a sustainable and diverse cultural ecosystem. It not only injects new vitality into the commercial development of Causeway Bay, but also provides consumers with more diversified and richer consumption choices.  Sugar+ will become a new landmark in the Causeway Bay area, bringing customers unique and creative lifestyle experiences.

A new landmark for foodies and lifestyle enthusiasts

With its comprehensive blend of retail, dining, health, and leisure experiences, Sugar+ is set to lead the market as a new landmark in Hong Kong, revolutionising the traditional commercial model. The international boutique dining and lifestyle concept stores gathered here to create new ways to explore urban living, attracting quality trendsetters, business professionals, refined lifestyle groups, and international tourists as its target audience.

restaurants lifestyle and activities at sugar +

Sugar+ offers a carefully curated selection of dining brands, each bringing its unique flavour and style:

  • Michelin-recommended “Kung Tak Lam” vegetarian restaurant uses high-quality and nutritious imported vegetables with innovative cooking techniques to offer healthy food options.
  • Vivere” puts enjoying life at the forefront, offering innovative Italian cuisine and Drag Brunches
  • “Miyazaki Gyu Honpo” is a Japanese restaurant chain that specialises in high-quality beef from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan.
  • “Well-Lo Shunde Cuisine” is renowned for its traditional Shunde dishes.
  • Quik D by Pacific Coffee” is a new concept that focuses on high-quality Grab & Go light meals.
  • Blendin Restaurant & Lounge” a new-style Japanese-French cuisine outlet that offers semi-outdoor seating.
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Each brand offers a different star-rated dining experiences, allowing guests to indulge day and night at Sugar+. 

For those seeking relaxation, “Hyence Spa” offers specially blended aromatherapy oils and star-rated massage techniques, providing guests with a serene and rejuvenating experience. The flagship store of “Pureplus Medical” offers belly binding, body shaping, and beauty services, endorsed by stars like Janet Chow and KOLs, ensuring Sugar+ guests can enjoy a taste of life in beauty, fashion, and food.

A New Icon Of Modern Architecture And Sustainability In Causeway Bay

sugar plus building exterior pattern

Offering 27 floors, the building’s glass exterior provides stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Victoria Park, creating a serene and dynamic atmosphere. The structure is divided into geometric boxes, with glass walls interweaving straight and W-shaped curves, representing a perfect harmony of dynamism and serenity and embodying the pulse of the city.

Sugar+ is committed to sustainable development, with its design perfectly blending “architecture” and “ecology”. The top floor features a large digital display screen, bringing the brand to audiences beyond Causeway Bay. The outdoor LED screen is approximately 21 meters wide and 9 meters high, facing Victoria Park and the eastern district of Causeway Bay.

sky garden at night (5th floor of sugar +)

For those looking for unique city views, the fifth-floor sky garden provides a breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour at night, showcasing its vibrant, romantic, and dreamlike atmosphere.

Image and content : Courtesy of Voltage X and CRE Property Investment Company Limited

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