New Era Martial Club gives action movie buffs the chance to experience what it’s like to do stunt work with its movie stunts course, the first in Hong Kong. The Quarry Bay indoor gymnasium, which is spread across 1,700 square feet, teaches participants how to master wire work and handle prop guns, all under the guidance of experts.

The equipment at New Era Martial Club.
The equipment at New Era Martial Club (© New Era Martial Club via Facebook)

Learn how to do wirework somersaults and flips with safety harnesses and crash mats. The club also has a jumping platform and steel cables to replicate the experience of doing stunts on a film set. Other aspects of the course include learning how to clear obstacles and execute stunts with prop weapons.

Army veterans will also teach participants how to hold, use and shoot a gun. The course demonstrates professional grabbing skills and the correct posture to assume while holding a gun to ensure a realistic effect while shooting it. These courses are only available for those aged 18 and older.

Learn how to stand correctly while holding a gun.
Learn how to stand correctly while holding a gun (© New Era Martial Club via Facebook)

The club also teaches martial arts, such as taekwondo, hapkido (Korean aikido) and Chinese martial arts, as well as drum, wrestling and rolling skills. Participants can also learn the intricacies of the lion dance. These classes are available for adults and children, and the club even offers parent-child classes.

The fees for the movie stunts class range from HK$500-HK$800, while other martial arts classes are priced from HK$250 onwards.

Children can also learn lion dance (© New Era Martial Club via Facebook)

New Era Martial Club is run by martial artist and actor Andrew Pong, who is best known for his work on films like The Leakers (2018) and Sleek Rat and Royal Cat (2021). Pong has studied martial arts at dojos around the world. He is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Muay Thai Association.

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Header image credits: New Era Martial Club via Instagram

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