Student-led initiative Colour Away Covid has launched its third fundraising campaign “Dear Malaysia”, which aims to help underprivileged students in Malaysia access their education during the lockdown.

What is Colour Away Covid?

Colour Away Covid is a student-led initiative founded by dedicated college and high school students based in Malaysia and Hong Kong. It began in early 2020 after a close friend contracted Covid-19, and has since then been helping children and families who have been affected by the pandemic.

In 2020, Colour Away Covid raised HKD120,000 and donated 65,000 masks to children in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Earlier this year, they launched a postcard campaign, sending postcards with messages of gratitude and encouragement to 2500 frontline hospital workers in Hong Kong with the support of the charity Kids4Kids.

The postcards were written by students and the local community and have been a huge success in fostering a culture of support in the community.

How can you help their third fundraising, “Dear Malaysia”?

As Malaysia surpassed a total of 1 million Covid-19 cases during its third nationwide lockdown, students across Malaysia have struggled to attend their lessons and study for their crucial SPM exams.

In collaboration with two local Malaysian charities, Dignity for Children and Yayasan Chow Kit, Colour Away Covid aims to raise 300,000HKD. The funds raised will be used to provide children with internet access for their online lessons and supplement other educational fees during this pandemic.

  • Dignity for Children provides an in-house daily educational programme for their charities’ beneficiaries allowing underprivileged children to access a quality educational curriculum.
  • Yayasan Chow Kit supplements their beneficiaries’ local education programmes by providing sponsored internet access, educational equipment and related resources.
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Any donations to their Give Asia page will be greatly appreciated.

With the aim of alleviating the growing issue of mental health during the pandemic, the “Dear Malaysia” campaign also promotes the idea of “Human connection” especially during prolonged and isolated lockdowns. Donors can submit a letter alongside their donations, which will be sent to the recipient children.The children can also write letters or submit drawings back to the donors.

More details on the campaign are available on Colour Away Covid’s instagram and website.

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