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As people aim to have more convenient, secure, comfortable lives, smart home technology has risen to meet this desire by connecting the different aspects of domestic spaces and anticipating the needs of occupants.

Smart living began with the inventions of “labour-saving devices” like food processors, laundry machines, sewing machines; it then moved into the realm of remotes, devices used to regulate the strength of light, regulate home temperature. Today, it has evolved into the world of wireless, with voice-activated smart assistants, smart lights, video doorbells, and robot vacuums.

One such robot vacuum company, ECOVACS is leading the pack with its cutting-edge domestic robots.

Leading through innovation

deebot x1 omni cleaning a tile kitchen floor with the omni station nearby
With a sleek, futuristic design by Jason Jensen Design, DEEBOT robot vacuums have won Red Dot and iF Design Awards

The DNA of ECOVACS is their constant innovation with user-friendliness at the core. The inventor of integrating vacuuming and mopping into one robot, they also have WINBOT window cleaning robots, AIRBOT air purification robots, and even GOAT lawn mowing robots.. Beyond robot manufacturing, ECOVACS has established the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Institute in Nanjing to push forward research on and capabilities of service robots.

Common complaints about robot vacuums include:

  • Limited battery life
  • Noise
  • Ineffective cleaning
  • The need to empty the robot manually frequently
  • The need for pre-cleaning so the robot doesn’t suck up things that it shouldn’t be vacuuming
  • The ineffectiveness of cleaning corners/edges

ECOVACS has treated each of these commonly encountered problems in their DEEBOT floor cleaning robots using their own patented technologies.

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Why ECOVACS robots are truly autonomous

Intelligent navigation

woman using ecovacs home app in her living room while the deebot robot vacuum intelligently navigates around her
As opposed to bump-and-run, DEEBOT maps the home to navigate it methodically and efficiently

Versus cheaper models of robot vacuums which use the ‘bump-and-run’ method to navigate a room, DEEBOT uses 3D mapping technology and lasers to create comprehensive maps of entire floors and figure out the most efficient way to clean a room.

Their cutting-edge detection technology also helps the DEEBOT to avoid objects that could get sucked into the vacuum, like toys or cables or shoes, so pre-cleaning isn’t necessary. In some models, when the robot detects a change in surface, such as from tile to carpet, the robot automatically switches between vacuuming and mopping for one of the most hands-free cleaning experiences on the market.

Smarter, deeper cleaning

ecovacs deebot robot vacuum mopping hardwood floor
The DEEBOT simultaneously vacuuming and mopping
deebot robot vacuum from ecovacs detecting objects in its path
The robot recognises 30 common objects it should avoid

With a suction power going up to 6,000 Pa, DEEBOTS are capable of tackling pet hair, micro particles, and every day debris. As the pioneer of vacuum mop robots, their OZMO mopping system is capable of vacuuming, mopping, or simultaneous vacuum-mopping and is compatible with all types of surfaces, from wood to vinyl to laminate to carpet to tile. Their newer models have sensors with enhanced sensitivity to more effectively clean the edges and corners of walls.

winbot hands-free window cleaning robot from ecovacs
The WINBOT window cleaning robot

While having strong suction, ECOVACS robots are also quiet, with some models about as loud as a refrigerator hum.

In a similar vein, ECOVACS’ WINBOT automatic window cleaning robots have an edge detection technology that detects edges in 0.02 seconds, making them usable with frameless windows or glass walls.

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Minimal maintenance

Further adding to the hands-free experience, ECOVACS’ autonomous vacuums self-empty dust in their base station, which can go up to 60 days without emptying; some models such as the DEEBOT X1 OMNI even automatically wash and dry their own mopping pads. Boasting a strong battery life, their robot vacuums can clean for up to 300 minutes on a single charge.

AI voice-operated

speech bubbles showing a conversation with ecovacs robots' yiko voice assistant floating above a robot vacuum
YIKO is available on most of the newest DEEBOT models: X1 OMNI, X1 TURBO, T20 OMNI, and T10 OMNI

Most of the newest generations of DEEBOT models are voice-operated with YIKO voice assistant, while all models are compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Using YIKO is intuitive, as it’s able to understand natural language, following commands like “OK YIKO, clean under the sofa,” or “OK YIKO, start cleaning the kitchen”.

Control it all on the app

The ECOVACS HOME app allows you to view a detailed 2D or 3D map of your home, spot-clean spills or around certain pieces of furniture, set out-of-boundary zones, and specify cleaning modes for certain rooms (for instance, mop and vacuum rooms with high foot traffic more frequently) so you can 100% personalise the robot’s routines to your household.


  • Website:
  • Address: Find ECOVACS products at Ahaa shops (Monterey Place, Tseung Kwan O and Sha Tin Plaza) and Gilman Gallery (Portion B of Shop 1-41, G/F, Admiralty Centre)

Image credits: Courtesy ECOVACS

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