Hong Kong is one of the most exciting, vibrant cities in the world. But for many people who live here, life quickly falls into a safe routine of the same bars, clubs and restaurants. It is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of foodie fads or yet another new joint serving over-priced cocktails for its short life span.

Yet, turn off the well-worn paths and dip into the backstreets of Hong Kong life and you’ll soon discover a veritable treasure trove of exciting and unusual things to try.

#1 – Bubble Soccer

Anyone can join a local team and play football all over Hong Kong. But did you know that you can also climb inside a massive bubble and purposefully crash into each other while playing as well? A sport that has to be experienced to be believed!

#2 – Paragliding

You’ve done the hikes, discovered the secret beaches, and camped in Sai Kung. Now experience Hong Kong from a totally different angle by paragliding around the lush mountains and beautiful bays. Basic or intermediate certification courses are available.

#3 – Nitrogen ice cream

In a city obsessed with dessert, it might tickle your fancy to know that Hong Kong plays host to Asia’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream factory. It is made fresh in front of you, tastes silky smooth, and makes you feel a little bit like a Bond villain.

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#4 – Snake soup

Arguably not unusual for anyone who calls Hong Kong home, but still a fascinating delicacy. This traditional winter warmer is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike who toast its distinct flavor and legendary health benefits. Are you brave enough?

#5 – Trampolining

When was the last time you actually got on a trampoline? Remember how fun they were? Well, let loose your inner child at Ryze, Hong Kong’s enormous trampoline park. Featuring dodge ball courts and foam pits galore, this isn’t just fun, it’s a proper workout.

#6 – Meditation in a monastery

There are many temples all over Hong Kong worth visiting, but did you know you can attend meditation retreats at them too? At the famous Po Lin Monastery in Lantau the monks will guide on your journey to inner peace.

#7 – Silent Dim Sim

As the name suggest, this is an eating experience like no other. Yum cha is served to guests wearing noise cancelling headphones. The result is an incredibly unique experience with none of the usual distracting dinner chitchat. Check out the company’s dining-in-the-dark concept too.

#8 – Organic farming 

Yes, you read that correctly – Hong Kong has farms! At Kadoorie Farm in Tai Po you can get your hands dirty with all sorts of organic skills and workshops from sustainable living to urban agriculture.

#9 – Graffiti Workshops

West Hong Kong is quickly becoming the defacto hipster hang out on the island, complete with boutique galleries and astonishing urban art. Before you take to the streets yourself, sign up for a (legal) graffiti course and discover the secrets of spraying.

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#10 – Ice skate

In a city known for its sweaty, humid climate, even air conditioning can fail to provide proper relief from the heat. So head down to the Cityplaza Ice Palace and cool down. Bonus points for not falling over.

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