Hong Kong has emerged in the Top 10 of the Taste Atlas 2023-2024 rankings for the Best Food Cities in the World. Hong Kong took the No. 7 ranking, making it the third-highest ranked Asian city on the list, behind Tokyo (No. 5) and Osaka (No. 6) in Japan, and ahead of Bandung in Indonesia (No. 10). The No. 1 spot went to Rome.

1Rome, Italy
2Bologna, Italy
3Naples, Italy
4Vienna, Austria
5Tokyo, Japan
6Osaka, Japan
7Hong Kong, China
8Turin, Italy
9Gaziantep, Turkiye
10Bandung, Indonesia
The Top 10 best food cities in the world according to Taste Atlas.

The list comprises 100 of the world’s best cities for food, which taste Atlas narrowed down from 16,601 cities in their database, based on 395,205 (271,819 valid) user votes. These final 100 cities recorded the best average ratings for regional and national dishes most commonly served in them. To view the full rankings, visit the Taste Atlas page.

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Taste Atlas added that Hong Kong is famous for dishes like har gow, Chinese BBQ pork (aka char siu), wonton noodles, crispy fried chicken, and sweet and sour pork. The website also revealed their picks for the best authentic restaurants in Hong Kong: Pekinese dumpling specialist Wang Fu, as well as Michelin star restaurants Lung King Heen, Shang Palace, Summer Palace, and Man Wah.

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