Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most densely populated cities but despite popular beliefs, the city is not only about concrete and skyscrapers. Indeed, Hong Kong has a huge natural side with natural parks, mountains and hidden beaches. Some require some effort to find, but they’re worth it. During weekends, they attract lots of locals as well as tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while.

You have options of the ones that are under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), i.e. “gazetted” beaches, as well as others that are a free-for-all. In Hong Kong, pets are not allowed on gazetted beaches, but you are welcome to take your furry friends to other pet-friendly beaches.

So grab some sunscreen and some beer, and check out Hong Kong’s best beaches this summer!

Shek O Beach — Hong Kong Island

shek o beach hong kong
Shek O Beach (© Ky0n Cheng via Flickr)

At the end of the famous Dragon’s Back hike you will find one of the most popular soft sand beaches on Hong Kong island. Being tucked away in the peninsula gives it a peaceful vibe, and the surrounding village is known for having amazing food and drinks. Our favourite is Thai food at Happy Garden, although all the restaurants serve top-notch food.

Facilities: Restaurants, BBQ pits, changing rooms, showers, public toilets, playground, car park.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take Exit A3 from the Shau Kei Wan MTR station and take NWFB 9 or taxi.

Repulse Bay Beach — Hong Kong Island

repulse bay hong kong
Repulse Bay is easily accessible from hotspots on the island (© Derek Meyer via Flickr)

Repulse Bay is more than just a beach, it’s a lifestyle. Since the opening of The Pulse, you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, while also having access to great modern facilities as well as superb restaurants, spas, boutiques, and shops. While the beach itself is not pet -friendly, The Pulse and the restaurants are, so you can take your pooch along! Given how easy the beach and surrounding facilities are to access, this is one of the busiest beaches, so be prepared.

Facilities: Restaurants, fast food kiosk, changing room, showers, public toilets, playground, car park and beach volleyball court.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: From Central Exchange Square, take Citybus 6, 6A, 6X or 260. You can also take minibus number 40 from Jardine’s Bazaar in Causeway Bay.

Big Wave Bay Beach — Hong Kong Island

big wave bay beach hong kong
Big Wave Bay has some of the few surfable waves in Hong Kong (© Herngong via WikiCommons)

Not too far from Shek O is Big Wave Bay, a great spot at the end of Dragon’s back. It is Hong Kong’s only recognized surf beach and in addition to great waves and pretty views, you can also grab a bite to eat or a beer to drink. First-timers can also rent surfboards or stand up paddleboards.

Facilities: Fast food kiosk, BBQ Pits, changing room, shower facilities, public toilets.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: From Central Exchange Square, take Citybus 6, 6A, 6X or 260. You can also take minibus number 40 from Jardine’s Bazaar in Causeway Bay.

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Upper Cheung Sha Beach — Lantau Island

cheung sha beach hong kong
Watching the sunset from Upper Cheung Sha Beach (© finite possibilities via Flickr)

The Cheung Sha beach, comprised of both upper and lower sections, is one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong, a total of 3km. They have pristine white sand and clear seas, and with a backdrop of the Lantau mountains, you could easily be mistaken to be sitting in the sandy beaches of Hawaii or the Philippines. There are also a ton of activities as well as beach front bars to keep you busy!

Facilities: Bars, restaurants, BBQ pits, changing room, shower facilities, public toilets, convenience stores, water sports.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take the ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo, then take bus 1, 2, or 4 to Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen.

Hung Shing Yeh Beach — Lamma Island

hung shing yeh beach
One of the most popular beaches on Lamma (© Linus Mak via Flickr)

For a quick and easy getaway, head over to one of the more popular beaches on Lamma Island, Hung Shing Yeh Beach. It has a slight commercial feel due to the ease of access, but that doesn’t take away from the soft sand and clear waters. There is also a resort and restaurant right on the beach, Concerto Inn, for you to grab a bite and drink!

Facilities: Resort, restaurants, BBQ pits, changing room, shower facilities and public toilets.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take the ferry from Central Pier 4 or Aberdeen to Yung Shue Wan and follow the Family Walk trail. Follow the main street and signs to Hung Shing Ye Beach, it is a 30-minute walk.

Kwun Yam Beach — Cheung Chau

kwun yam public beach hong kong
Kwun Yam Wan is popular for windsurfing (© Martin Ng via Flickr)

One of the two gazetted beaches in Cheung Chau, Kwun Yam Wan beach rose in popularity as it was the former Olympic women’s windsurfing champion, Lee Lai-Shan’s, training grounds. Today, it is home to the Windsurfing Centre which provides windsurfing, surfing, and canoeing equipment with a cordoned area for casual swimmers.

Facilities: Light refreshment kiosk, changing room, shower facilities, public toilet, raft, water sports.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take the ferry from Central Pier 5 to Cheung Chau and walk to the beach

Silver Mine Bay Beach — Lantau Island

silvermine bay beach hong kong
Low tide on Silvermine Bay Beach (© edwin.11 via WikiCommons)

While the beach itself is quite nice, clean, and easy to access, it is the surrounding activities that make Silvermine Bay Beach popular. A short walk away is the waterfall and the soft sand beach’s namesake, a silver mine! Also, not too far away is the Mui Wo Cooked Food Market that truly comes alive at night after you’ve lazed away the day on the beach.

Facilities: Fast food kiosk, BBQ pits, changing room, shower facilities, public toilet, family changing room, babycare room and beach volleyball court.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take the ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo and then follow the path to the beach.  

Pui O Beach — Lantau Island

pui o beach hong kong
Pui O’s wide stretch is popular for barbecuing and overnight camping (© Warren R.M. Stuart via Flickr)

Popular amongst locals and campers, Pui O is a beautiful spot on Lantau Island that has black and brown sand, making for a unique beach experience. It has over 50 tent spots as well as BBQ pits, so you can enjoy a nice grill before you camp out for the night. Or, you can grab dinner at Treasure Island before falling asleep under the stars.

Facilities: Fast food kiosk, BBQ pits, changing room, shower facilities, public toilets, baby care room, tent spots, and water sports.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take the ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo and then catch bus number 1, 2, or 4 to Pui O San Wai Tsuen. The beach is a 5 minute walk from the bus stop.

Golden Beach — Tuen Mun

golden beach hong kong
Golden Beach stretching into Cafeteria Beach in Tuen Mun (© Citobun via WikiCommons)

A man-made beach may not be what you have in mind for your resort trip, but Golden Beach in Tuen Mun is a 545-metre stretch with pristine sand, great views, and vacation vibes. With a number of tempting restaurants and the family-friendly Gold Coast Resort, you have everything at your fingertips for a sunny summer day out!

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Facilities: Restaurant and refreshment kiosk, changing room, shower facilities, self-services storage cage and public toilets.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take the K53 bus from Tuen Mun Station and alight at Golden Beach. Or take bus 962B from Causeway Bay (Moreton Terrace) or bus 252B from Tsim Sha Tsui (Middle Road).

Clearwater Bay Beach — Sai Kung

clear water bay hong kong
Hike or take a boat to Clearwater Bay Beach (© Underwaterbuffalo via WikiCommons)

A favourite of Hong Kong junks, you can also access Clearwater Bay Beach by land and enjoy the two interconnected beaches. They are both stunning, with powder white sand and clean blue water, perfect for a dunk in the water, followed by sunbathing on the beach. You can also get to the beaches via hikes.

Facilities: BBQ pits, changing room, shower facilities, public toilets and raft.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take bus 91 from Diamond Hill Bus station.

Lung Mei Beach — Tai Po

lung mei beach hong kong
Lung Mei is one of the newest beaches in Hong Kong (© Sun8908 via WikiCommons)

Newly opened in 2021, another man-made beach that has brought respite to Hong Kong beach lovers is Lung Mei Beach in Tai Po. Nestled between Tai Mei Tuk and Plover Cove reservoir, the 200-meter-long beach has calm waters, great views and access to water sports. What more could you ask for?

Facilities: Changing rooms, shower facilities, public toilets, kayak rentals.

Pet-friendly: No.

Directions: Take bus No. 75k or 275R or minibus 20C from MTR Station Tai Po Market, and alight at Lo Tsz Tin and walk two minutes.

Long Ke Wan — Sai Kung

long ke wan hong kong
Long Ke Wan is the closest you can get to untouched beach in Hong Kong (© rheins via WikiCommons)

Renowned for its beauty – think white sand, crystal blue waters, and surrounded by green mountains – this is one beach in Hong Kongthat is perfect for those who are looking for a getaway. While it doesn’t have many facilities, it transports you to what is known as the Maldives of Hong Kong, so be sure to bring everything you need for the day or an overnight stay, like plenty of water, food, and toilet paper.

Facilities: Open air toilets, small kiosk selling beer, water, and other drinks and snacks.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Take a speedboat or kaito from the Sai Kung promenade, which costs HKD 100-150, and takes 20-30 minutes. Another options is to take a taxi from Sai Kung town to the East Dam of High Island Reservoir, followed by a short downhill 20-minute walk. Long Ke Wan is located at the end of Stage 1 and the start of Stage 2 of the MacLehose Trail, if you prefer to hike.

Tai Long Wan — Sai Kung

tai long wan beaches
One of four beaches that make up Tai Long Wan (© Jhhurren via WikiCommons)

The Tai Long Wan area has not one, not two, but four glorious beaches, including Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Wan, and Tung Wan for you to explore, relax and enjoy. They are easily hike-able and are also a popular camping spot with incredible starry night views. They do have some shops in the area to grab food or rent tents from, but they are mostly secluded.

Facilities: Small food kiosks, small restaurants, tent and surfboard rentals, public toilets.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Take a speedboat or kaito from the Sai Kung promenade to Sai Wan or Ham Tin Wan. Or, you can hike from Sai Wan Pavilion (approximately 40 minutes) to reach the Sai Wan Beach.

To Tei Wan — Shek O

to tei wan hong kong
Small beach in Shek O accessible by kayak (© Pietro Ferreira via Flickr)

In the Tai Tam and Shek O area, there is a beautiful soft sand beach hidden, To Tei Wan. It is popular for kayaking and sailing, and also has a small barbecue shack as well as some BBQ pits. Great for a lovely day of chilling with friends or family at the beach!

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Facilities: Small restaurants, kayak and sailing rentals, public toilets, BBQ pits.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: From Shek O road, just before before Cape D’Aguilar and opposite the start of the Dragon’s Back hiking trail, follow the small sign post that indicates the start of the stairs that take you to the beach. Just remember, you will need to climb back up those 728 steps on the way out.

Sheung Sze Wan Beach — Sai Kung

sheung sze wan hong kong
Sheung Sze Wan is a peaceful base for explording the UNESCO Global Geopark (© Underwaterbuffalo via WikiCommons)

Near the Clearwater Bay beaches, but not gazetted is the Sheung Sze Wan beach, known as the go-to spot for kayak rental or Stand Up Paddling around the UNESCO Geopark. The waters in the area are stunning, and of course the guided tours can take you to picturesque spots such as Sharp Island, Tiu Cheng Island and the Insta-worthy Green Egg Island.

Facilities: Kayak and SUP rentals, public toilets.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Take a taxi from Hang Hau MTR station or take bus 91 from Diamond Hill station or minibus 16 from Po Lam station and get off at Sheung Sze Wan.

Lung Kwu Tan — Tuen Mun

lung kwu tan beach hong kong
Sunset glow from Lung Kwu Tan (© johnlsl via Flickr)

For a beach experience that goes beyond sunbathing and swimming, check out Lung Kwu Tan in New Territories. Facing west towards the South China Sea, it is an incredible spot to watch the Hong Kong sunset, while surrounded by the black sand. If you are lucky, you might also spot the Chinese white dolphin. It is also a favourite for kite surfers, with prime months between May and August.

Facilities: None, 10 minutes’ walk away from seafood market.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Take bus K52 from Tuen Mun MTR station and get off at the last bus stop.

Whiskey Beach — Sai Kung

whiskey beach hong kong
Whiskey Beach is a lesser known beach, conducive to coral growth (© Mike Angrisano via Google Contributions)

Often described as “one of the most beautiful beaches” in Hong Kong, this one is only accessible via kayaks or boats. It is quiet and peaceful, great as a stopover during your kayaking trip in Sai Kung, or even worth spending the day with a book and a beer. It’s also worth popping into the sea for a quick snorkel and a swim to see the abundant corals growing there!

Facilities: None.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Via kayaks or speedboats from Sai Kung.

Tai Pak Wan — Lantau Island

tai pak wan discovery bay
Popular beach in Discovery Bay with a nearby playground (© xahl dera via Flickr)

Discovery Bay is like a little city in and of itself, and it has its very own beach as well. Tai Pak Wan is easily accessible and has a lovely little playground at the end of the beach. Accessibility and proximity to supplies makes this an ideal option for owners looking for pet-friendly beaches. There are also a number of restaurants and bars just a short walk away. And you can’t miss the Discovery Bay Sunday market for a great day of shopping, dining, and beach fun!

Facilities: Public toilets, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Ferry from Central Pier 3, followed by a five minute walk to the beach.

Sham Wan Beach — Lamma Island

sham wan beach
Turtle Beach is a protected nesting area for green turtles (© MarcBogonovich via WikiCommons)

Hong Kong’s Turtle Beach as its also known, is a great little hidden spot on Lamma island. Do note that it is cordoned off from June 1 to October 31, as that is the nesting period for Green Turtles in the South China Sea. Sham Wan Beach has great soft sand to sink your toes into, perfect after your hike to get there!

Facilities: None.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: 45 minute hike from ferry pier Sok Kwu Wan. Take ferry from Central Pier 4.

Wu Kai Sha Beach — Ma On Shan

wu kai sha beach hong kong
Wu Kai Sha Beach is a small, peaceful sunbathing spot (© WiNG via WikiCommons)

A beautiful, large pebble beach in the southern shores of Tolo Harbour in New Territories, Wu Kai Sha is worth a visit if you are looking for a relaxing day and a great sunset. While it doesn’t have soft sand, the pebbles are large and comfortable to walk on barefoot. You can also rent kayaks to explore the serene waters, and it is a popular spot for early morning swimmers, too.

Facilities: Public toilets, kayak rental.

Pet-friendly: Yes.

Directions: Take the MTR to Wu Kai Sha Station Station and walk 10 minutes to the beach.

FAQ about Hong Kong’s beaches

What are the most popular beaches in Hong Kong?

While the beaches on Hong Kong island, such as Repulse Bay and Shek O are more popular, given that they are more easily accessible, the more elusive, hence pristine beaches in Sai Kung and Lantau are also gaining in popularity for a true get away feel. 

What are the longest beaches in Hong Kong?

Cheung Sha Beaches, both upper and lower, together span over 3km of white soft sand with access to beautiful crystal waters.

What are the cleanest beaches in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department regularly releases beach gradings based on water quality of gazetted beaches. Some that repeatedly do well include Shek O, Turtle Cove Beach and Cheung Sha Wan.

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Header image credits: joyt via Canva

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