Kindergarten in Hong Kong offers a vibrant array of options for young learners, with both public and private institutions providing unique pathways to education. Children generally start kindergarten between the ages of 2 years and 8 months to 3 years, embarking on a three-year journey through K1, K2, and K3. Hong Kong’s diverse education system includes both public and private kindergartens, each with its own set of pros and cons. Some private kindergartens are part of larger school networks, offering seamless pathways up to Year 13. Moreover, many kindergartens provide international streams, ensuring a global perspective from an early age.

Whether you’re new to the city, a new parent, or both, we want to help you navigate these options to find the best kindergarten in Hong Kong, where your child can thrive.

FIS Chai Wan Campus – Chai Wan *

FIS Chai Wan Campus - Chai Wan
FIS, one of the oldest international school in Hong Kong, renovated its kindergarten campus in 2022 (© FIS Chai Wan)

Situated within the esteemed French International School Hong Kong (FIS), the Chai Wan campus offers a comprehensive educational journey for families. Fully renovated in 2022 to be converted as a kindergarten campus, it stands as a cornerstone of academic and holistic development for children from kindergarten through to upper secondary. The Chai Wan campus is part of FIS’s network of schools across Hong Kong, providing a seamless educational pathway from kindergarten to Year 13.

With a student body of 250 across 12 classes and a dedicated faculty of 20 teachers, each child receives personalized attention. The kindergarten offers both French and International streams, ensuring diverse educational opportunities.

A bright veranda sets the stage for a fulfilling kindergarten experience. Their play-based classrooms and expansive outdoor playground encourage active learning and exploration. The campus also features well-equipped sports facilities, a stocked library, and outdoor reading areas, ensuring a proper educational environment for every child.

FIS’s commitment to excellence in education assures parents of a consistent educational experience for their children. This kindergarten is an ideal choice for parents seeking stability and excellence in education for their little ones, ensuring a smooth transition from kindergarten through to upper secondary education.

Location: 1 Cheung Man Road Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone Number: +852 2975 1503

Discovery Bay International School — Discovery Bay *

Children enjoying the outdoor space and classrooms at DBIS Kindergarten
Children enjoying the outdoor space and classrooms at DBIS Kindergarten (© DBIS)

Located in the tranquil suburb of Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Discovery Bay International School’s dedicated Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) campus is an incredible place for children aged three to five to begin their educational journey. DBIS EYFS is unique among Hong Kong schools in terms of the space available to young learners. DBIS views the environment children learn in as the third teacher; therefore, its EYFS campus is purposefully planned to develop and nurture dispositions such as resilience, problem-solving, confidence, and creativity – all crucially important not only to support learning but also to enable children to respond effectively to their unfolding futures.

DBIS’s philosophy is centred around the belief that all children are infinitely capable, creative, and full of potential. The school’s EYFS phase identifies each child’s strengths and then supports their development from individual starting points. DBIS follows the National Curriculum of England, with EYFS specifically designed for children to begin exploring the building blocks of continuous learning in the Primary and Secondary phases of the school.

Location: Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong SAR
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone Number: +852 2914 2142 (EYFS Campus) or +852 2987 7331 (Main Campus)

Good Time International Play School & Kindergarten — Shatin *

native english teachers reading a storybook to children at good time international play school and kindergarten
Native English and Chinese teachers using inquiry-based learning (© Good Time International Play School & Kindergarten)

As a leading international kindergarten since 1986, Good Time International Kindergarten adopts an Inquiry Approach to learning based on the EYFS framework of the UK. Their aim is to cultivate the next generation of individuals who can express themselves fluently and confidently in both English and Chinese. Through their innovative YouTuber training, students are given the chance to discuss various topics in front of cameras, helping them build the confidence to speak in front of any audience. Language is not taught, it’s used: Tuesdays to Fridays are dedicated to English immersion, while Mondays are solely Putonghua immersion. 

As a leading kindergarten in STEM learning, students also learn basic coding as a language for an AI-dominated future. Good Time’s vision is to transform children into leaders who excel in Communication, Creativity, and who Care for their neighbours and the world.

Catering to ages 1-6, their programs range from Play Groups to K3, with facilities including a concourse, cafeteria, drama studio, STEM lab, and more. They focus on equipping children for future success over the next 10-15 years.

Location: L4 Blocks C & D, Shatin Plaza, Shatin, New Territories
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone Number: +852 2601 3278, +852 9445 5085 (WhatsApp)

Guidepost Montessori — Multiple locations *

a teacher kneels on the floor in front of a map puzzle, along with two children
Guidepost Montessori provides individualised guidance for kindergarten-aged children (© Guidepost Montessori)

Guidepost Montessori is a network of schools across Hong Kong that aims to guide and empower children as they develop their independence and ability to think and do things for themselves. Their unaccompanied classes for children aged 2–6 years old will help each child realise their limitless potential.

The half-day Toddler class (2-3 years old) focuses on learning through free movement, helping children go from two-word phrases to full sentences, and supporting independent toilet use. The full-day Children’s House (3-6 years old) programme places emphasis on building independence through practical life, and provides individualised guidance with writing and reading.

Guidepost Montessori also has Enrichment Programs (2.5-6 years old) in which children get the opportunity to explore various interests and develop mastery over them, such as cooking, gardening, DIY activities, and creative classes. The schools also offer seasonal on-campus and international camps that children can attend at Guidepost campuses in Hong Kong or at locations in Mainland China and Bali.

Where: Locations in Causeway Bay, Chai Wan, Clearwater Bay, Discovery Bay, Happy Valley, Kennedy Town, Pok Fu Lam
Contact: +852 9126 6211 or

Malvern College Pre-School — West Kowloon & Sai Ying Pun *

Students learning with teachers through hands-on activities at Malvern College Pre-School
MCPS students learning with teachers through hands-on activities (© Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong)

Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong (MCPS) is an international pre-school for children from two to
five years old. The school offers an Educationally Harnessed Play Programme based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, engaging children through both structured and free play and emphasizing their inquisitive nature through hands-on activities. Following the successful launch of the Coronation Circle campus in West Kowloon in August 2017, the school opened a second campus in Sai Ying Pun (Island West) in August 2019. Both campus designs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, making the environment the third teacher. The pre-school is one of Hong Kong’s first to operate a Forest-Beach-School Programme.

Location: G09-12 Coronation Circle, 1 Yau Cheung Rd in West Kowloon or G/F and 1/F Viking Court, 165-166 Connaught Road West in Sai Ying Pun
Contact: Website | Facebook
Phone Number: +852 3898 4688

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ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Kindergarten & Primary — Tai Po *

ichk hong lok yuen international kindergarten tai po
ICHK students develop through child-initiated, adult-supported playful learning experiences (© ICHK Hong Lok Yuen)

ICHK Kindergarten empowers children to be creative, confident, caring, resilient, and respectful. Educators believe play is central to learning, fostering creativity as children discover the world around them. The green location in Tai Po, paired with a strong outdoor education programme, provides regular opportunities to engage with nature. Their IB-PYP emergent curriculum sets learning goals based on children’s interests, helping them develop communication, self-management, and research skills. Instruction is in English, but children are immersed in Mandarin daily through stories, songs, and games. Graduates automatically progress to ICHK Primary School on the same site, adding convenience to parents.

Location: 3, Twentieth Street, Hong Lok Yuen, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone Number: +852 3955 3000
Email: or

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Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong — Sai Kung *

nord anglia international school hong kong kg
NAIS Hong Kong pre-school students are supported to explore the world through structured play (© NAIS)

Part of Nord Anglia Education’s global family of over 85 international schools, Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong is a through-train international school offering an Early Years Programme for Nursery to Reception (ages 3 to 5) based on the English National Curriculum EYFS framework, tailored for an international environment. At their Early Years waterfront campus in Sai Kung, children engage in structured play opportunities using a range of materials to become capable, confident learners at their own pace. Students are introduced to Mandarin Chinese from Nursery, while programmes like STEAM with MIT and Performing Arts with The Juilliard School foster holistic wellbeing and a strong academic focus.

Location: 285 Hong Kin Road, Tui Min Hoi, Sai Kung, New Territories
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Phone Number: +852 3958 1488 (General) or +852 3958 1428 (Admission)

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Les Petits Lascars — Central & Tseung Kwan O *

les petits lascars logo

Created in 2006, Les Petits Lascars French International Preschool offers French, bilingual and trilingual programmes (French/English/Mandarin) for children aged 9 months to 6 years. Emphasising a love of learning, their personalised teaching approach allows each child to develop at their own pace and thrive in a caring and stimulating environment. 14-15 children maximum per class. 7 for baby classes.

Contact: Website

Tutor Time — Multiple locations

tutor time international kindergarten logo

Tutor Time is a bilingual kindergarten in Hong Kong focusing on English and Mandarin with four campus in North Point, Central, Kowloon Tong and Yuen Long. They maintain a low teacher-student ratio of 1:8 and offer modern facilities at four locations.

Contact: Website

FAQ about kindergartens in Hong Kong

Is kindergarten mandatory in Hong Kong?

No, kindergarten is not mandatory in Hong Kong. Kindergarten is three years long, starting from the age of 2 to 3. Mandatory education starts at the age of 6 and lasts until the age of 15.

How long is kindergarten in Hong Kong?

Kindergarten is three years long in Hong Kong starting anywhere from the age of 2 years and 8 months to 3 years of age. A general guideline is that K1 is for children turning 3, K2 is for children who are 4 turning 5, and K3 is for children who are 5 turning 6.

How can I choose the best kindergarten for my child?

There are so many kindergartens and pre-schools in Hong Kong. When considering which one to place your toddler in, consider the school’s location, facilities, learning values, and quality of their educators. Definitely go for school visits.

What is the difference between public and private kindergartens in Hong Kong?

Public kindergartens are typically more affordable, adhering to government guidelines. Private kindergartens offer diverse curricula and facilities, often with international streams and pathways. Your choice depends on budget, educational philosophy, and whether you’re seeking a local or global perspective.

What is the difference between half-day and full-day kindergarten programmes in Hong Kong?

Half-day programmes typically last around 3-4 hours, either in the morning or afternoon. Full-day programmes often include lunch and nap times, making them ideal for working parents seeking comprehensive care and learning.

How does Montessori education differ from academic-focused kindergarten programmes in Hong Kong?

Montessori education emphasises self-directed learning, independence, and mixed-age classrooms. Academic-focused programmes are more structured, prioritising subject-based learning with a set curriculum. Choosing between the two depends on whether parents prefer a child-centred or curriculum-driven approach for their child’s early education. Montessori programmes are more common in private kindergarten.

Header image credits: Woodland Pre-Schools

* This article was done in collaboration with the above-mentioned kindergarten. Reach out if you’d like to be included!

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