If you’re heading to Hong Kong and are obsessed with all things Disney — or have little ones who can’t get enough of Elsa or Iron Man — then a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland has to be a high-priority item on your must-visit list. It is only one of six Disneyland parks in the world, and when it opened in 2005, it was only the second of its kind in Asia.

Hong Kong Disneyland is a great option for a day trip in the 852, a half-day outing, or even a staycation at any of the park’s three hotels. As a bonus, it has several indoor attractions where you can get a respite from Hong Kong’s hot, humid, and rainy weather. This theme park is much smaller than its American counterparts, but the upside is that, with a little planning, you can cover most of the attractions in a single visit.

hong kong disneyland castle of magical dreams momentous nighttime spectacular
The Momentous Nighttime Spectacular is a light-and-fireworks show that takes visitors on a nostalgia-fuelled trip through popular Disney films (© Hong Kong Disneyland)

And if you thought that a trip to Disney is only for children, think again! While there are rides that go a slower pace for kiddos — think the Cinderella Carousel, Flying Dumbo, and Orbitron — there are attractions that will give adults their fair share of fun, such as the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop and Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

So check out our handy guide to Hong Kong Disneyland, complete with the most popular attractions, ticket prices, restaurants, and tips for how to plan your visit to the park to get the most out of your time there.

How is Hong Kong Disneyland different from other Disney parks?

At 68 acres, Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest of all the Disney parks. Its compact size means that it’s pretty easy to hit all the major rides and shows in one visit, even with the long wait times on busy days. It’s close to the Hong Kong International Airport, so a trip to the park during a long layover is very doable and convenient if you use their luggage and locker storage options.

disneyland resort line hong kong mtr sunny bay station
The MTR train that ferries passengers between Sunny Bay Station and Hong Kong Disneyland has Mickey ears for windows and other Disney-themed décor as part of its interiors (© LN9267 via WikiCommons)

And when you take the MTR — the city’s vast network of trains — you can hop aboard the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station. The train carriages are designed to get you primed for your day at Disney, with its plush velvet seating, Mickey-ears windows and handles, and statues of characters from the Disney universe.

What makes the Hong Kong theme park unique is that it has two attractions not seen at any of the other Disneylands. The first is Mystic Point, which has a Disney’s Haunted House-meets-Indiana Jones vibe. The other is the World of Frozen — Disney’s only zone dedicated to the characters and locations of the hit film Frozen and its sequel — which will open on November 20, 2023.

Opening hours of Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is open six days a week and closed on Wednesdays, unless it’s a public holiday or a special day. It is generally open from 10.30am-8pm. The operation hours may be extended on weekends and during the holiday season, so make sure you check the park calendar before your trip there.

hong kong disneyland entrance
The entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland (© Jeremy Thompson via Flickr)

We recommend that you start your date with Disney early so that you spend as little time as possible waiting to board the rides or watch the shows. Finish your top picks by noon, as wait times for the attractions can be quite long after lunch. And as with most large-scale theme parks, it’s best to visit Disneyland on a weekday if you don’t want to spend most of your time there standing in queues — especially if you’re with kids.

Hong Kong Disneyland tickets and pricing

The first step on your Hong Kong Disneyland journey is to buy tickets to enter the park. This is fairly easy as you can purchase them on the park website, on the Hong Kong Disneyland app, at the park entrance, or at any of the hotels.

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One-Day Tier Tickets

There are different prices for One-Day Tier Tickets, depending on whether the day you intend to visit the park is a regular weekday, weekend or public holiday, or a “popular day”:

  • Tier 1 Tickets: HK$639 (adults), HK$475 (children)
  • Tier 2 Tickets: HK$719 (adults), HK$539 (children)
  • Tier 3 Tickets: HK$799 (adults), HK$599 (children)
  • Tier 4 Tickets: HK$879 (adults), HK$659 (children)

Senior citizen tickets for all tiers are HK$100, while guests with disabilities get 30% off one-day ticket tiers. Children under three years old can enter Hong Kong Disneyland for free.

Magic Access pass

If you’re a frequent park visitor, it may be worth picking up a Magic Access pass, AKA an Annual Pass, which gives you unlimited entry to Disneyland for a year as long as you plan a trip when the pass is valid and not on blockout dates. You’ll also get discounts on tickets, merch, parking and meals, as well as special birthday offers. There are three types of annual passes:

  • Silver (access only on weekdays): $1,468 (adult), HK$1,088 (child), HK$1,148 (student)
  • Gold (all-year access except for certain public holidays) : HK$2,558 (adult), HK$1,818 (child), HK$1,918 (student)
  • Platinum (unlimited access): HK$4,678 (adult), HK$3,368 (child), HK$3,558 (student)
hong kong disneyland magic access passes
Magic Access pass holders get unlimited entry to Hong Kong Disneyland and special privileges at restaurants (© The HK HUB)

Early Park Entry Pass

Want to start your Disney day early? Then get your hands on an Early Park Entry Pass—a one-time ticket priced at HK$199 that gives you access to Main Street U.S.A., and select Fantasy Land and World of Frozen attractions up to an hour before the park’s official opening.

Disney Premier Access

The Disney Premier Access pass is an add-on to a ticket or pass that you can buy to help you skip the queues at certain rides and shows. You can choose from any of the following passes:

  • 1 Attraction: HK$99-HK$129
  • 3 Attractions: HK$299-HK$599
  • 8 Attractions, Momentous Castle Show, and 2 entertainment shows: HK$799

If you’re looking for great deals on Disney tickets, we suggest buying them on Klook or KKday. You also need to make a reservation before visiting the park, which can be done online or even by scanning a QR code on any of the standees at the entrance area.

Main zones in Hong Kong Disneyland

There are eight main areas in Hong Kong Disneyland, with a total of more than 30 attractions. Here are our top picks from each of them:

Main Street U.S.A.

main street usa hong kong disneyland
Main Street U.S.A. has shops, restaurants, and the best photo spot in Hong Kong Disneyland (© johnlsl via Flickr)

Walk down Main Street U.S.A., which runs from the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Station to the Castle of Magical Dreams. The street has a turn-of-the-century — 20th, not 21st! — aesthetic, and is lined with souvenir shops, food stalls, cafés (yes, there is a Starbucks), and restaurants. Once you’re done strolling down the street (and presumably getting that iconic castle pic), you can make your way to the other “lands”.


superheroes at tomorrowland hong kong disneyland
Marvel fans can have heroic encounters with their favourite superheroes at Tomorrowland (© Hong Kong Disneyland)

If you’re a fan of all things Marvel or Star Wars, then you’ll want to make a stop at Tomorrowland. Head to the Iron Man Tech Showcase to meet the superhero himself — try and get there early enough to watch him make his mind-blowing entrance — or engage in a heroic battle to vanquish Arnim Zola and his Swarmbots at the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! Visiting with kids? Then hop aboard one of Orbitron’s flying saucers or meet their fave heroes at the Tomorrowland Stage. Star Wars fans can be part of the Battle of Jakku at Hyperspace Mountain.


its a small world hong kong disneyland
It’s a Small World is a popular indoor boat ride in Fantasyland (© The HK HUB)

This is the best place in Hong Kong Disneyland for kiddos as they can ride on the Cinderella Carousel, go dizzy with excitement on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups, or get airborne with Dumbo the Flying Elephant — though you can skip that last one if you’ve already done Orbitron, especially since the wait times for this are usually long. It’s got several indoor attractions — from the relatively short It’s a Small World boat ride (with that trademark earworm song) and Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, to longer shows like Mickey’s PhilharmonicMagic and Mickey and the Wondrous Book (both very popular in the afternoon when it gets hot).

Princess-mad visitors will enjoy a stroll through Fairy Tale Forest to check out vignettes featuring Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and several other Disney beauties. The Castle of Magic Dreams is the place to go if you want to get some face-time — and pics, of course — with the princesses, but remember to book a free Standby Pass after you enter Disneyland first! You can also stroll through Fantasy Gardens, where you can meet Mickey and his pals if you’re there before 6pm.


jungle river cruise adventureland hong kong disneyland
Passengers on the Jungle River Cruise at Adventureland will get a tour of tropical wonders (© Aileen Lagcao via Flickr)

Make a beeline for this zone if you want a river safari courtesy the Jungle River Cruise, on which you will be guided through jungles from around the world and see rhinos, hippos, elephants, apes — and even cannibals and headhunters! For Tarzan’s Treehouse, which is currently closed, you have to take a raft to get to the treehouse and explore its bridges and small rooms. If you want to cool off, head to the steam- and water-spewing totems at Liki Tikis or grab a seat to watch Moana: A Homecoming Celebration. Need a longer break from all that outdoor activity? The Festival of the Lion King has got you covered with a good half-hour of air-con time, along with spectacular music, acrobatics, and singing to boot!

Grizzly Gulch

big grizzly mountain runaway mine cars grizzly gulch hong kong disneyland
The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars are a popular roller coaster attraction in Hong Kong Disneyland (©
加農炮試鏡室 via Flickr)

Fancy a trip to the Wild West? Look no further than Grizzly Gulch, with its Frontierland-inspired locales, complete with mining mountain, gushing geysers, gold nuggets, the town jail, and roller coaster. The main attraction here are the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, which take visitors on a thrilling ride all over the mountain that gives it its name. Take a break at the Geyser Gulch, where water erupts from the ground to help you cool off after a day of walking through the park. Take pictures at the town jail and meet Mickey and his pals in their Old West avatars.

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Mystic Point

mystic manor mystic point hong kong disneyland
Mystic Manor houses antiquities and other paraphernalia from Lord Henry’s travels across the world (© Mark Willard via flickr)

The standout attraction at this zone, the smallest at Hong Kong Disneyland, is Mystic Manor, which houses Lord Henry and his mischievous monkey Albert who take visitors on a tour of the mansion and its collection of antiquities from Henry’s travels around the world. If you prefer something less intense, check out the sculptures and treasures at the Garden of Wonders.

Toy Story Land

toy soldier parachute drop toy story land hong kong disneyland
The Toy Soldier Parachute Drop is a Disneyland fan favourite (© nagi usano via Flickr)

This was the first area in the Hong Kong park dedicated to a single film franchise and has a great mix of rides for kids and adults. Younger fans of the movie franchise will be tickled pink to hear larger-than-life replicas of Woody and Rex greet them as they enter Toy Story Land, and they can even meet their favourite characters from the films at the Barrel of Fun. Young children can head to the Slinky Dog Spin, a toned-down version of the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, while older kids (and grown-ups too) can get their share of thrills at the RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.

World of Frozen

world of frozen hong kong disneyland
World of Frozen is the only Disneyland attraction dedicated to Elsa, Anna, and other characters from the popular movie franchise (© Hong Kong Disneyland)

Arendelle will finally open up its gates at Hong Kong Disneyland and give anyone who’s Frozen-obsessed the adventure of their lives. The biggest attraction is Frozen Ever After, which will take visitors on a musical voyage to Elsa’s Ice Palace. Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs is the park’s third coaster ride and will take adventurers through Arendelle Forest. Explore Anna and Elsa’s childhood safe space at Playhouse in the Woods, which will give guests the chance to immerse themselves in an interactive experience during which they will meet characters from the Frozen films.

Parades and shows in Hong Kong Disneyland

While you walk around the park, keep your eye out for the live interactive performances that can pop up anytime at Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, and Grizzly Gulch. Head back to Main Street for the Mickey & Friends Street Celebration or watch Follow Your Dreams, a 20-minute show at the castle at which fan-favourite Disney songs will be performed.

hong kong disneyland parade
The parades at Hong Kong Disneyland have popular Disney characters and songs (© Ellie Shultz via Flickr)

The biggest extravaganza at the park is undoubtedly the Momentous Nighttime Spectacular — a closing-time light show that features 150 characters from about 40 Disney and Pixar films, all synchronised with large-scale projection mapping, lasers, theatrical lighting, choreographed water fountains, and of course, fireworks. 

If you want to get a great spot to watch all these shows, download the Hong Kong Disneyland app to find out when each performance or parade begins so that you can line up for the best seats. Don’t have the time to wait? Then pick up a Disney Premier Access to save yourself the hassle in case you have a packed day.

Where to stay when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

While you could stay at a hotel in neighbouring Tung Chung, Discovery Bay or at the airport, if you want the full Disney experience, we suggest making a booking one of the park’s hotels. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is straight out of a fairytale, with its Victorian mansion-inspired décor and new Frozen-themed suite, along with an on-premises pool, playground, and outdoor maze.

hong kong disneyland hotel
The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel gives guests the full Disney experience (© Baycrest via WikiCommons)

If you want something a little more low-key, relatively speaking, make a reservation at the Explorer’s Lodge or the newly reopened Hollywood Hotel. Check the park’s hotel website for deals and offers they may have, especially during holiday seasons.

Restaurant and dining options at Hong Kong Disneyland

There are several cuisines and dining options at the park. Super-size your experience at Hong Kong Disneyland by trying the Disney-themed dim sum at Crystal Lotus or the Cantonese food at Plaza Inn — for which you may need to make a reservation if you plan to eat at a busy time. Starliner Diner at Tomorrowland has fried chicken-and-fries combos that are good value for money, while The Explorer’s Club at Mystic Point has international fare like Italian, Indian, and Singaporean on its menu.

disney dimsum crystal lotus hong kong disneyland
The Disney-shaped dim sum at Crystal Lotus is a favourite among park visitors (© Jared Beaney via Flickr)

Prefer to eat on the go? Grab some Mickey-shaped doughnuts and waffles at Main Street Bakery or Disney-themed ice cream at any of the carts dotted around the park. Jessie’s Snack Roundup at Toy Story Land serves up churros, ice cream and fruit cups, while you can get Korean squid and turkey leg at Karibuni Marketplace.

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Seasonal shows at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland pulls out all the stops during the holidays by decking out the park in festive décor and organising special shows. Every Halloween, visitors can catch the Let’s Get Wicked show where Disney villains take centre stage in a musical performance, while the highlight of the year-end celebrations is the Disney Christmas Live in Concert show in front of the Castle of Magical Dreams. Check the website before you go to the park to find out if there are any special events or performances during your planned visit.

hong kong disneyland map
Map of the various attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland (not yet updated to include World of Frozen)

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong Disneyland?

The best time of year to visit Disneyland’s Hong Kong park is between October and January as the weather is great — clear, blue skies and low humidity — and the park gets into festive mode then, with its back-to-back Halloween, Christmas, and Chinese New Year celebrations.

The park’s outdoor attractions are off-limits when a T3 signal is in place, and all rides and shows close when signal T8 is raised (© Hong Kong Disneyland)

While the park does have special events organised during the summer, the weather can be tricky as July-September is peak typhoon and rainy season in the city, apart from being extremely hot and humid. According to the Hong Kong Disneyland adverse weather protocol, if a T3 warning is in place, all outdoor rides and attractions are closed. When a T8 signal or anything higher is raised, the entire park will close.

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland

There are several ways for you to get to the park as it’s very well connected by public transport:

  • MTR: Take the Tung Chung Line — easily accessible from major MTR stations like Central and Kowloon — to Sunny Bay Station and then take the Disneyland Resort Line to the park. If you’re coming from the airport, take the Airport Express to Tsing Yi Station, and transfer to the Tung Chung Line.
  • Bus: Hop aboard the R42 (from Tai Wai Station), R33 (from Tuen Mun Station) or 36 (from Tung Chung) to get to the park. If you’re heading there via the Lantau Link Interchange, take any ‘A’ or ‘E’ bus there and then hop on the R8 to head to Disneyland.
  • Taxi: You can take a taxi to get to the park and hail either a red, green, or blue taxi out of the park, depending on whether you’re going to Central or Kowloon (red taxi), the New Territories (green taxi), or Lantau (blue taxi).
  • Car: There is car parking available at Disneyland for anyone who prefers to drive to the park.

Guests at any of the Disney hotels can use the free shuttles to and from the park every 10-20 minutes between 6am and 1am.

FAQs about Hong Kong Disneyland

How much does it cost to visit Disneyland Hong Kong?

A one-day ticket costs anything between HK$639 and HK$879 for adults, and HK$475 and HK$659 for kids. However, you can save on ticket costs by picking up a Magic Access pass or purchasing tickets on online platforms like Klook or KKday.

What are the 5 must-see attractions at Disneyland Hong Kong?

World of Frozen, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, It’s a Small World, Hyperspace Mountain, and Mickey and the Wondrous Book.

Are there hotels within Hong Kong Disneyland?

There are three hotels at Hong Kong Disneyland: Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney Explorer’s Lodge, and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. There are free shuttles that take hotel guests to the park every 10-20 minutes.

Can we bring food to Hong Kong Disneyland?

Visitors can bring their own food and drinks to Hong Kong Disneyland. There are plenty of benches where you can sit while you eat, or you can find a table at a food court like Chopin’s Festival of Foods. You can also refill your water bottles at stations near the restrooms.

How can I navigate the park efficiently?

Download the Hong Kong Disneyland app, which tracks your location and tells you where the nearest attractions are and how long the wait time at each one is.

Header image credits: Hong Kong Disneyland

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