Taxi charges in Hong Kong will increase by as much as 10.92% from July 14, after the government approved fare adjustments earlier this year. Flag-fall rates will go up by HK$2 for urban (red), Lantau (blue), and New Territories (green) cabs for the first 2km. In addition, there will be hikes in incremental fares of HK$0.1-HK$0.2 for all three taxis, as well as changes in waiting time charges. However, additional charges levied for luggage and pets will remain the same.

Urban (red)HK$27HK$29
New Territories (green)HK$23.5HK$25.5
Lantau (blue)HK$22HK$24
The changes in base fares for Hong Kong taxis that will come into effect on July 14, 2024

According to the new fare chart, base charges for red taxis will increase from HK$27 to HK$29, while those on green cabs will rise from HK$23.5 to HK$25.5. Blue taxi passengers will pay HK$24 for the first 2 kilometres they travel, up from the current HK$22. Passengers who use cabs beyond the 2-kilometre minimum need to pay HK$0.2 for every 200 metres they travel up to 20km, depending on the taxi they’re in. Those who travel even farther will pay HK$0.1 for every additional 200 metres.

Earlier this year, Hong Kong taxi operators applied for an up to 20% on base fares in a proposal they submitted to the Transport Department. According to the documents, the city’s cab operators asked that the flag-fall charges on red taxis be increased to HK$32, green cabs to HK$28, and blue taxis to HK$26.5. However, the HKSAR government eventually approved an average fare increase of 8.86%, 9.56%, and 10.92% for urban, New Territories, and Lantau taxis respectively.

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Hong Kong’s Transport Department also revealed that grievances against the city’s taxi drivers rose by 75% in 2023 for a variety of offences, including overcharging, refusing hire, and failure to take the quickest or easiest routes to a destination. This news came after the Hong Kong Taxi Council launched a three-month courtesy campaign to help cab drivers understand the importance of politeness and to improve communication with passengers.

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